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Thomas Degasperi's new site

LazLaz Posts: 337 Solid Baller
edited April 2012 in Mostly Slalom
On a whim, a couple of buddies and I decided to have an executive weekend in Orlando. We flew down to Thomas Degasperi's newish site which is just north of Disney.

The lake is great. It's a bit on the small side which makes it well protected from the wind but does require an 8 ball course. This took a pass to get used to.

Ther are a thousand hotels nearby or you can stay at the guest house at the lake, which is a great convenience.

The number one feature of the site is Thomas. He is a fantastic, patient instructor who has been great to us, especially since we are definitely not high-end skiers. He seems to be genuinely concerned that we are all having a great time. Our flight came in quite late and Thomas waited up to make sure we found the place!

I highly recommend his site for any level skier. Thomas' site is now my new favorite US ski site!


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