Radar Vice - 5 rides so far

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I have taken 5 rides on the Radar Vice so far and in my head I have most of the final review written. I need a few more rides before I issue a review.

For now a little background.
Last year I talked to Radar about getting a Vice to review. The conversations were ½ “is this really the ski that Trent skis on” and ½ “when can I get one”. The question about Trent is simply because may skiers do not believe that a pro skier is skiing on a $750 ski that is not all carbon and PVC. Why would a factory pro choose to ride a ski that was not as light as possible? I know and like the guys at Radar but I think I asked each of them twice if this ski was really what Trent was on. "Really?"

Now that I have skied on it, I get it. It is good and Yes it is what Trent rides. It is “different” but it is really fun to ride and it is a real short line slalom ski. The ski that I have is a loaner and I do not want to send it back".

With some luck I will issue a real review in about 10 days.

*If someone wants a 67” Vice, I do not care if I sell it or return it. Let me know. I have to take it to UPS either way.

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