South of Detroit, north of Toledo skiing

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I will be working weekdays just south of Detroit for a couple months starting next week. I see there are 3 ski sites between Detroit and Toledo. They can be seen on the google earth map found on this site.
Does anyone know the owners of any of these lakes - or if they might be open for another occassional weeknight ski partner? Otherwise this current job assignment will sure put a dent in my skiing.


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    jason wroblewski (sp?) is the ringmaster for one.

    you may want to check out Ohio Water Ski Association

    jason posted a thread here
    Anthony Warren
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    Dave Grude owns Pelican, which is about 9 miles north of the Ohio border. Brian Grieser has a Lake a couple miles north of Pelican and Al Bishop has a lake just outside of Toledo. Sorry, but I don't have contact information.
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    @Zman, shoot me an email.
    I can provide you with the info you seek.
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    Thanks Scarlet, MSJ and AB!
    AB, just sent you an email.
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    If you travel east to get back home let me know.....I ski near Sandusky.
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    @Zman, shoot me a PM or email, we can help out as well. Club web site is although there is not a lot of info on the site right now.
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