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Cutting and Turning suggestions

PeterLascoPeterLasco Posts: 12
edited May 2012 in Technique & Theory
Hello Guys,

Some info: I am right foot, use reflex binding front and approach on my rear.

I will describe some mistakes that I'm doing now, that didn't do before and don't know how to fix... It's not that I do them in every pass, but i'm doing them more often.

Cutting on my onside: when I cut, most of the times my shoulders tend to go in the direction of the boat, making me get to ball 1,3,5 with losts of slack -- and not being able to counter rotate.

Pre-Turn and Turn: Sometimes i feel after cutting and going into the turn that I am on my back foot (all the weight) and as a result it is impossible to slow down and give any direction to the ski = slack.

Cutting Offside: I tend to always do good offside cutting but sometimes at the moment I have to initiate the turn, I cut too long making me get to ball 2.4,6 with lots of speed.

Brain stuff: In my head I know after the wake I can no longer pull, I have to slow down, but I have the sensation that if I do it most of the times, I'm not going to get to the buoys.

My personal best is 4 at 13m (32off). I'm a beginner skier to short lines. Any suggestions from you guys or technique that has worked for you having done this mistakes would really make my day. Thank you


  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,470 Mega Baller
    Sounds like you are old-schooling; load, then unload and let go of the handle going directly up-course into the ball creating slack.
    My two cents: arms straight in the pull after hook up, maintain pressure and stacked leverage without going for the mustard, let the boat start pulling you up from the lean, keep the handle longer than you think you should (this does not mean pull longer than you think you should) with your chest outbound. When you feel tension on your release hand then let it go while still going outbound...the reason to release at that point is to gain the extra width it affords. If you keep the handle at that point the boat turns your shoulders up course and you don't gain the extra width. Ski should basically turn by itself as you will have generated swing.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • PeterLascoPeterLasco Posts: 12
    6ball thank you for response. When you say "let the boat start pulling you up from the lean" -- what do you exactly mean and how do I get to that point?
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