2012 Radar Vice Review

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The Radar Vice is perhaps the most overlooked high end ski on the market today. With a list price of $750, who would think that this ski should be considered against skis costing nearly twice as much? I was skeptical, and in the end, I was impressed.

This ski is made from the exact same mold as Radar’s flagship ski the Strada. To put it another way, the shape of the Vice is identical to the Strada. The difference is only materials. The Strada is made from the highest tech and most expensive materials. The Vice is made from materials that are less “cutting edge” and are not as light.   

With a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass, along with a polyurethane core, the Vice has dampening properties that more expensive skis do not.  An analogy for a more damp ski is that it rides like a car with softer suspension. Edge change transitions are smoother and slower resulting in a longer and wider path from the wakes to the ball. Speed through the course is more constant. The Vice feels exceptionally comfortable and stable underfoot approaching the ball.

The trade off is that, after a major mistake, a damp ski like the Vice does not accelerate as fast as an all carbon and PVC ski like the Strada. On a Strada, if you do something ill advised at one ball, you can scramble and recover by three ball. Conversely, on a Vice, if you do something ill advised making up ground is much more difficult. The other side of this argument is that you may make less mistakes on a more stable ski like the Vice.

As with the Strada, the Vice is a very stable ski. Turns on both sides are consistent and even. On side turns are practically automatic and off side turns only require a little patience and a centered stance.

If money is not the issue, perhaps the Strada is better for deep shortline. For longer rope lengths and/or slower speeds, the Vice is an easy choice. 

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