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GoPro Waterski Mount

lundberglundberg Posts: 104 Baller
edited June 2012 in Videos, Photos & Media
I've watched a bunch of GoPro clips where the camera is attached to the ski looking back at the skier, and I really like the perspective. I've also noticed that in alot of those clips the ski bounces hard enough to move the camera (most of the time causing it to point at the top of the ski). So when I got a GoPro from my wife for my birthday I knew what I wanted to try first. I mounted it up with homemade float attached to the back. I made sure the set screw was as tight as my fingers could get it and hit the water. By the second wake crossing the camera was facing the ski and not long after that it flew off the ski (good thing I made the float).

Here is my solution. In addition to using a screw driver to snug up the set screw (not so tight as to break the plastic), I made a new wedge shaped float with some extra velcro on the bottom side and a mating piece on the ski. Tried it yesterday and it worked great.


  • cwillygoodcwillygood Posts: 195 Baller
    great idea!!! iv never thought about putting the gopro on my ski, but may have too try it now
  • SkiJaySkiJay Posts: 2,314 Mega Baller
    I crank the mount screw TIGHT with a screwdriver, and the plastic has not yet broken and the camera doesn't move. @lundberg your setup is better than cranking down the screw for stability and probably for the long haul, but don't be affraid to super-tighten the screw with a screwdriver if you don't get around to the extra velcro idea. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
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