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As the sun set Sunday in Texas - A Texas Big Dawg Recap and Thanks

HortonHorton Posts: 28,803 Administrator
edited July 2012 in Rules/Politics/Issues
From Nicole B

Ladies and Gents -

It's hard to believe that it's now 48-hrs post the Big Dawg event, and as a few of us were enjoying dinner on Sunday evening - exhausted and yet exhiliarated, it left a few moments for reflection over dinner.

This was by far the most challenging conditions, for both skiers and officials, and yet, it was some of the best skiing that we've had...10 skiers running 39' off for a total of 13 times in the qualifying rounds, not even counting the head to head! In the Elite 8, 6 of the 8 ran 39' off...which meant that two of the skiers didn't even advance to the semi-finals by running 39' off!

From an officials perspective, I could not have asked for a better crew! Many thanks to each and everyone of you for the support, dedication and participation! It's times like this that it's incredibly "easy" and an absolute honor to serve as the Chief Judge. Words cannot express my thanks sufficiently, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

To the Skiers (and Greg, please forward to the skiers) - each and everyone of the skiers should be commended on the level of sportsmanship and comaradrie exhibited. All dealt with challenging conditions, dueling lakes, difficult officiating calls with a level of professionalism that was superior to none. Again, words cannot express how much that means to me as a Chief Judge, but it is appreciated over and over again.

To the sponsors - we could not do this without your support and it's always a pleasure being apart of such a great event!

To the other chief officials and drivers - Terrie, David, Sheila, Jim, Becky and are all the best and I'm privledged to be a part of such a fantastic competition!

Finally, to the Lakes at Cypress Hill Homeowners Association, the site as a whole and the families are truly a "home away from home" to me and hold a very special place for me. Such a great site, great families, and hospitatity second to none! WELL DONE WELL DONE WELL DONE!

There's probably so much more to say, but I'll sign off now and just close with the following example from timeless commercials...

Airfare to Houston: $$$$$$
Texas BBQ Sandwich: $
Memories from the Texas Big Dawg: Priceless

Until we "ski" each other again!

Nicole B
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