whats next after Jr. vortex

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so my son has no problems getting up on the jr vortex slalom ski, and has started ripping across the wakes. he is 10 years old and 70 pounds soaking wet. i see as the boat speed increases (22 to 25 mph) he seems to be less stable, i also believe he dosn't cut through wakes like he should, he kinda bounces over them. I am thinking the jr vortex is too small, and he is ready for the next step up in ski. looked at a ho grifter 62, wondering if this is what he needs, or is this still to big for him?


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    HO Jr A1 Great ski for kids. Rini recommended it to me and it has served my daughter very well. Not many people buying them so, if you shop around and make offers, you can get one for considerably less than retail. It is a 62" ski but, it can work up to 100lbs if at max division speed.
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    jr vortex slalom ski Do they still sell these? Have 9 year old granddaughter, she is about ready to try a slalom ski. thanks
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    got the ho grifter, the jr A1 was a little more than he needs. took him 5 types to get up but then loved it. yes they still sell the Jr vortex
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    There is no "what is after this ski" it should be let your kid try a few skis. It may not be your kids fault at all that he is "bouncing the wakes" it may just be that the wakes are simply very large at those slower speeds. The best you can do is go to your local dealarship, take a few (yes, more then 1) skis and let your kid ski on them and decide which he likes best. Take this advice from me- Dont not buy a ski for your kid because you think it "dosent look right on him". My dad demoed me a Radar Annex, it felt amazing to me (keep in mind im at about 23 mph right now). It was a battle getting him to buy it for me because he said "the ski looks likes its going to shoot out from you" I felt like I had complete control of the ski at all times (as far as a 23mph skier knows, however my dad was not far ahead of me, lol). Whatever ski he likes the most and he says feels most comfortable to him, get that one. I am a strong believer that you can have 2 skiers, same level of skiing, 2 diffrent skis. Skier A has a "faster" ski and all that fun stuff BUT if skier B has a ski that they are more comfortable on, skier B will progress MUCH faster. I know this from personal experience. Ok well thats my 2 cents.
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