Switching from a toe plate to doubles

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I recently bought a rear HO Phantom boot on my HO Phantom Truth ski. I am having trouble holding the edge on my off side. If anyone has and info on my ski/boots it'd be greatly appreciated or any tips.
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    Just out of curiosity why did you switch from RTP to doubles?
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    I switched because I wanted more control over my ski and when I took a hard fall my back foot would get banged up against the ski and leave me with a bad bruise
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    I think double boots is safer, and gives you greater control.
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    Am I dyslexic, or does @tfriess and @friesst just have two accounts?

    I think we need more information. What speed & line length? Describe further what you mean by "holding the edge on my off side". Did this problem just begin with your switch to doubles?

    If you're taking hard falls and bruising your rear foot with a lot of frequency, I don't think it's a binding problem.
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    I know @tfriess and yes he has two accounts as he was having trouble logging in.
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    One thing about a rear boot is that it gives you more control or in some cases the illusion of more control. The problem is, if you're used to a rear toe plate, you know that you have to plant your rear heel hard on the ski to keep it there. When you have the rear boot, you feel like your foot is more secure so you aren't weighting it as heavy as you would a toe plate which makes you ride on the ski differently.

    That said though, you may want to check and see exactly where you heel was on the toe plate in relation to where it is now with the rear boot.
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