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The stuff I work on is good, and the mistake I make is thinking that because I have been skiing well for a while I no longer need to think about that those things because they have become habit. I start working on the next tweak that if accomplished will launch me thru purple regularly. If all I think about is that one thing I should be good next time out b/c it rocked today, right? Inexplicably over time I slip into poorer skiing until someone like @razorkskier1 says I don't look stacked and my elbows are not pinned to my sides.
This was a focus point some time ago and really got me going but with time I concentrated on "the next thing" and slowly lost my stack and elbows. Turns out this had NOT become habit. My habits are actually the same old bad stuff I used to do for years.
What a constant battle to continue to pay attention to what is necessary even though might be adding in more for even better skiing. Tonight had my stack, my elbows, lighter pulling, kept handle with chest outbound and felt like I broke slump and regained big width, proper speed at the ball, proper angles etc. Hard to think about so many things when adding in more yet. Oh well...just happy to have extracted my head from my backside after going slowly backwards for 2 weeks following a very good run. Hopefully can build to another peak soon.
You guys peak and valley like this?
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    Stir vigorously then leave!
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    Amen to that!
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    It's funny I was doing a lot of things right and then found kicking an early edge change and some patience at the ball was really rocking. Over time I started changing edge early but started pulling too hard and not keeping my handle as well, then coming up course like I would have done after over-pulling back in the day.
    Then everything slowly began to unravel and a guy who was around 5 ball at 38 nearly every set and thru it twice in 10 days whiffed 2 of 7 35 off passes one day in a light head/tail...twice going down at the 1 ball in a light headwind of all things (knew I was coming apart). The next time out whiffed 5 consecutive 35s!!! That was more missed 35's in one set than I had in a month.
    Thankfully my brother helped me out for the second set and things began to get better, then tonight felt like I was dialed again in a pretty big head/tail. I guess next set will tell the tale but I felt good leaving the water tonight for the first time in a week.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    As a skier who is still working on my 22' off pass, I'm not sure if it's comforting or disturbing that you're suffering from similar issues as me!

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