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Shoulders position questions

AndreAndre Posts: 1,317 Mega Baller
edited July 2012 in Technique & Theory
Been reading recently about having shoulders facing downcourse all the way through the pass.
Does that include during the pre turn and turn itself?
Isn't counter rotation at ball 1 closing your shoulder toward the shore?
How about right after going through the gate,should my shoulders continue to be facing downcourse or should my upper body turn toward the shore?
Running my 32 off without scraping too much is my goal and all that technical stuff is happening too fast for my brain to process while skiing!
Seems that i am one of those person with brain freeze problems as soon as the pre gates are in sight...


  • jimbrakejimbrake Posts: 1,347 Mega Baller
    Wow. A lot to answer, a lot to explain and others on here will have as much or more than me to say about this. As a simplified idea, yes - you could attempt to face downcourse all the way through the pass in order to do things like: counter rotate, avoid overturning the shoulders, etc., but it's not that simple/easy and in practice even those that believe in this don't do it the entire pass. Skiing is too dynamic for any one position to be held an entire pass. Re: Counter rotation - at 1 ball that means leading with your left shoulder into and through the turn. Vice versa for 246. Re: through the gate, you are on the right track - you may feel like you are turning your torso to face the right-hand shore when trying to remain facing downcourse. I'd work more on staying loaded behind the handle through and beyond the edge change, then if you want to see what happens when you face downcourse through the turn, give it a shot. Focus on your stance on the ski/accel/edge change/staying loaded on the line first, open downcourse second.
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