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2002 Calabria Pro Comp XTS For Sale, 116 hours, $21,495, Lake Geneva WI

jayd241jayd241 Posts: 1 New Baller
edited July 2012 in Stuff For Sale
This XTS has only 116 hours and looks great! It has been stored indoors when not in use and professionally maintained every season. The interior is in perfect condition, and has a Clarion premium sound system with sub-woofer. The gelcoat looks like the day it came out of the factory and the teak is in great shape (oiled twice a year). A mirror and extended (8 ft) pylon are included. You will not find a better ski boat at this price.

The Calabria XTS delivers tournament-class slalom wakes and strong all-event towing performance. This ability, combined with generous storage capacity made possible by the large rear trunk and bow storage locker, make the XTS a prime choice for dedicated skiing families who sometimes operate on large lakes, or who have a lot of gear to carry.

While most inboard designs on the market place the bulk and weight of the fuel tank near the transom, where it draws the stern down, the XTS moves the tank forward into the hull's midsection to create a more balanced running profile. Moving the fuel tank forward freed up the entire stern section so that it may house an oversize transom locker. While the XTS is not the only inboard to offer this feature, it is the only boat that can offer the entire transom area for storage.

The XTS rides on a deep-V hull designed to break up rough water. Special running surfaces lift the hull to reduce water drag, increase top speed and enhance fuel economy. The boat's V-shape keel also enhances tracking ability, providing more lateral surface area than the add-on fins common to most inboard designs. To temper skiing wakes and increase lift and stability, the rear section of the hull transitions from a V to a virtually flat planing pad.

Drivers will find crisp acceleration, world-class tracking, smooth handling and an excellent rough-water ride. The XTS is built to last, provide exciting performance, handle a variety of water conditions, and will hold it's value through years of regular use.

Call Jay at (815)520-4520. More pictures available, email at [email protected]
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