Help me pick new (used) D3 to replace too long Nomad RCX

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As some may know, when I started getting back into this obsession the beginning of this summer, I picked up a used D3 Nomad RCX. I purchased a 68". I am typically mid 180s to a bit higher weight. Strong freeskier who needs to learn more about the course. I got a 68 because I loved my brother's Nomad, and he told me it was a 68.

When I got the ski, it felt long as compared to his. I fiddled with the fin and wing a little and it got a bit better, but still did not have that "Wow, this feels awesome out of the box" feel his had. I am visiting him now, and comparing his 2006 to mine, his is clearly not a 68 as my marked ski is. No wonder mine felt long. It is skiing ok for me, but I think I will feel more comfortable on a 67.

67 " Nomads are getting scarce it seems, so can @Horton or others with experience tell me about the subsequent skis in the same vein, ie, Z7. Z7st, etc.? I am probably not going to pop for a new fusion, but it seems I could find a good used Z7 or Z7 st in a 67 (or maybe get lucky and find a Nomad RCX still). So basically, I would like to understand the changes made in that line of skis so I can get an idea of what to expect.

Despite Nate's success on an X series, I do not think an X series is for me. I like the ease of getting speed on the Nomad type ski, and like the feel of a ski that is a bit higher in the water, especially since I come from mostly salt water experience if you count all my years skiing. My old Duvall rode lower in the water and was super predictable, but I wanted it to get up and go more. The Nomad felt like it was made for me. So I bet the progression skis from the Nomad will be good for me too.


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    P.S. If someone has a 67" Z7, Z7st, or Nomad RCX in good working shape, I am looking. I have a few inquiries in to sellers on ski-it-again, but have not found a ski to pull the trigger on yet. When I do, I will likely be selling my 68" Nomad RCX. Or I may keep it as a back up.
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    My buddy just got a new X7 to replace his RCX, it is a 67. Even better is that we are in SE Idaho. If you want to come over and ski it before you buy you might save yourself from making another bad decision.
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    @skinut, You mean he is going to sell his 67 RCX? That would be great if it works out, though a Z7 looks interesting too. let me know how to contact. I am sure I could find a way to get over there and ski it and buy it if it works out.

    I originally meant to get a ski that was like my brother's that I had tried and loved, but he had the wrong info on the length. That year was not marked, and he was going off what he remembered being told when he bought it.

    Only when we compared skis together here in WA on vacation did we learn the difference in length.
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    EDIT: I would still really like to understand the changes in the Nomad, RCX, Z7, ST line though if someone can describe them to me.
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    Used Fusion....
    Rodrigo Andai
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    @sunvalleylaw- yes he wants to sell his RCX.

    I went from the RCX to a X7 but I also demo'd the Z7st. The Z7 st was a little faster than the RCX and the offside turn seemed more stable. The RCX had a tendency to stall on my offside. The X7 was much more consistent in the turns but not as fast as the RXC and Z7 st.

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    I picked up a Z7ST and am touching 38 with it. I'm pretty happy with it.
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    I have to say that I was always sort of luke warm on the Z7s. I could never get a smooth off side turn on them. I did not ski on the "st". Heard it was better but not really perfect.

    I do love the Fusion and would like to spend some time on the X7.

    Remember when you get a $800 ski on ski-it-again it might have a lot of miles on it. If you are looking to save money on a new ski there is the HO COX sl the Radar Vice and the Jobe Rouge is on sale for $999. (My review on the Jobe got delayed but it is a pretty solid ski. Review will restart in a few weeks I guess)

    The other almost universality liked skis you will find for $800 on Ski-It-Again are the HO A2 and the Radar Strada

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    @Horton, thanks! did you ever ski the Nomad RCX? Can you say how the fusion compares to it? I may just save up for a Fusion.

    I also skied a Prophecy yesterday. It seemed both similar in some ways to the RCX, but different as well. The first two turns I tried on it, the ski wanted to dump me on my ear the way I was entering the turn on the RCX. Then I made sure I stayed forward on it, and the turn became way more predictable. I did not feel as though it was as fast across the wakes as my RCX, but that might have just been the run. I was pretty tired after skiing 5 days in a row.

  • sunvalleylawsunvalleylaw Posts: 1,259 Mega Baller
    @skinut, PM me how to contact you guys. Cheers!
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    You can't go wrong with a fusion.
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