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Binding plate and ski flex

T8skierT8skier Posts: 82 Baller
edited July 2012 in Skis Fins Bindings
Does the ski flex different dual lock vs. insert screwed down?


  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,228 Mega Baller
    I have been meaning to test this, but that means a lot of work to test the flex with and without the G10 with dual loc, then with two metal plates without bindings. Maybe a winter project...
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,228 Mega Baller
    My unscientific test on my Strada 55 going from a Sequence plate to a G10 plate seemed to indicate the ski turned better, so maybe slightly softer flex... Same fin and approx same binding setup, Strada boots.
  • SkiJaySkiJay Posts: 2,314 Mega Baller
    I asked Paul Crawford of D3 this Dual Loc question and his responce was that D3 skis are laid up so their ideal flex is achieved with two separate binding plates screwed to the ski. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
  • clemsondaveclemsondave Posts: 369 Baller
    No proof, but I would certainly think a G10 plate with dual lock is more flexible than aluminum plates screwed to the ski. The G10 is more flexible and the dual lock will give some as well. If there was a large gap between the two aluminum plates, it might change my opinion.
    Dave Satterfield - Richmond Water Ski Club
  • Steven_HainesSteven_Haines Posts: 1,045 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Isn't the sequence plate designed to allow the ski to flex? It seems to me that the slots and teflon sliders would be an ideal combo.
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,094 Mega Baller
  • skibugskibug Posts: 2,049
    So if your ski starts to break down and doesn't flex out to factory flex can just use some titanium plates to increase the stiffness?
    Bob Grizzi
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,586 Mega Baller
    One guy here in the East uses no aluminum plates at all on his D3 T-factors: He drilled through the bottom of a G10 plate directly into the holes that usually attach the alumimum plate to the binding.

    He swears that the ski flexes better and turns better like this, although I don't know what means he has used to convince himself of this.

    Of course, removing material almost has to allow it to flex more. The question would be how much and whether that's actually a good thing.
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • DanEDanE Posts: 902 Crazy Baller
    Imho, it´s far more important that the screws that attach the plate to the ski are able to slide in slotted holes than what material/thickness/stiffnes the plates are made out of to prevent added stiffness to the ski.
    It only takes one pair of screws to keep dft constant.
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