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I currently have a a Reflex with a 500 Silvertta release mechanism. It has begun to develop slop around the pivot bolts, enough that my heel easily lifts several millimeters off of the plate. I found a lightly used 404 mechanism for cheap, but I know the cleat heights are different between the two releases, 57 mm for the 500 but I don't know what the measurements should be for the 404. Can someone please measure their Reflex with 404 Silveratta cleat height?


  • dave_ndave_n Posts: 66 Baller
    @jwroblew I have two old 404 compatable Reflex shells. One's 48mm and the other is 49mm. Hope that's of help.
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    Jwroblew Just take off the block and turn it over and it will fit the 404. I have done 4 this year.

    go the hard ware store and get stainless t-nuts washers and screws


    The new 500 release seam to wear out, as the old 404 one broke at the welded bar, check the welded bar for rust, see rust on the weld I would get a new heel. no fun to break the heal while skiing.

  • jwroblewjwroblew Posts: 143 Baller
    Thanks guys, the 404 that I picked up looks brand new, no rust.
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