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Ski vest

oldskioldski Posts: 1
edited August 2012 in Mostly Slalom
Which ski vest gives the best protection for ribs. I'm wearing an Eagle now which is light weight, but I need more padding in the rib area. A couple of hard falls have got me looking.


  • jipster43jipster43 Posts: 1,434 Crazy Baller
    I just switched from an Eagle to the 2011 radar comp vest. It has awesome rib protection and floats me as well as an coast guard approved vest. I loved my Eagle, but this vest is exactly what I've been looking for.

    The 2012 radar vest has better rib protection too and is more readily available.
  • FrankSFrankS Posts: 169 Baller
    The camaro impact vest is good
    Swervin'... It's what I do
  • tfriesstfriess Posts: 401 Baller
    Get a camaro
    Can I just ski 24/7?
  • LittleRipperLittleRipper Posts: 11 Baller
    Camaro impact
  • buskibuski Posts: 114 Baller
    How is the camaro sizing? I dug up a size chart online and I'd fit right about in the middle of the large range. Is the sizing about right or do you buy them a size up/down?
  • tfriesstfriess Posts: 401 Baller
    @buski what size t-shirt do you wear?
    Can I just ski 24/7?
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    edited August 2012
    Has anyone used both an eagle and Camaro impact. I'm pretty lean and I struggle to keep my head above water with the eagle. I'm also nursing some sore ribs right now from a wake impact a little extra protection would be nice.
  • tfriesstfriess Posts: 401 Baller
    @greggy the camaro impact has padding everywhere! But it has just right amount and it is the most mobile vest I have ever worn. It keeps me afloat just as good as some of the coast guard approved one. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.
    Can I just ski 24/7?
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    @tfriess or anyone else. Hows the sizing of Camaro impact. I looked at the sizing chart for their wetsuits, it puts me in a Large-long. I'm 6'2" about 180lb. I have a Large Eagle now.
  • RupRup Posts: 72 Baller
    I am about your size, 6'2" and 85 kg and have an Eagle vest with extra back padding in Large and a Camaro in Large (I don't know if it is long or regular, it was on sale).

    I use the Eagle all the time but for some unknown reason I am saving the Camaro vest for a special occasion so I do not know if the Camaro vests stretch.

    Both are tight but the Eagle is slightly smaller.
  • tfriesstfriess Posts: 401 Baller
    @gregy what size t-shirt do you wear?
    Can I just ski 24/7?
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    I usually wear an xl but I like my t-shirts loose.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,229 Mega Baller
    Who is selling the Camaro Impact vest?
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    Look on ski-it-again there is a guy there selling them.
  • davemacdavemac Posts: 451 Baller
    @AB I believe I saw them being sold on the Miamiskinautique website for $139 IIRC
    @Rup... I'd be curious how the floatation of your camaro compares to the "double stuff" Eagle
  • tfriesstfriess Posts: 401 Baller
    @davemac @AB the camaro floats better than some Coat guard approved ones. give it a try, will not be dissatisfied.
    Can I just ski 24/7?
  • RupRup Posts: 72 Baller
    If the weather is OK tomorrow I will try my Camaro vest and report back....
  • waterskigirlwaterskigirl Posts: 142 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Just started selling Camaro, wearing one myself...
    They do run small, similar to Eagle sizing(sell them too)that I am very familiar with. Camaro is really comfortable and good if plain black suits you. Really like both vests think they are just very different looks and the Camaros are also longer in the back--- so for tall or long torsoes might fit better than Eagle. I seem to float the same as with the Eagle, although there is more padding in the rib area for sure...Prices are similar, I will be interested to hear your thoughts.
  • IlivetoskiIlivetoski Posts: 1,186 Crazy Baller
    Just switched from my syndicate pull over to the 2012 Radar. Best vest I have ever used. Floats me to my shoulders instead of my nose, alot easier to put on (zip not pull over) and looks alot cooler!
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,339 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Volker from Razor sells camaro products:
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • WaternutWaternut Posts: 1,511 Crazy Baller
    @Ilivetoski Would you say that the 2012 Radar comp vest floats you as high as a CGA vest? I'm a skinny guy and I'm less worried about floating properly and more worried about floating if I let the air out of my lungs.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,229 Mega Baller
    So does the Camaro vest cause chafing? It looks like it has thick padding right in front of the arm holes.
    It looks like it is non water absorbent which is what I like about my Straightline ultra vest. But the Ultra is so thin there is no chafing.
  • GAJ0004GAJ0004 Posts: 1,095 Baller
    edited August 2012
    I have a Connelly USCG approved Neo.. It has saved me many times from getting the wind knocked out of me, and broken ribs.
    Gary Janzig Streetsboro Ohio, skis at Lake Latonka, Mercer Pennsylvania slalom,trick,kneeboard,barefoot
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    OK so I got my Camaro Impact vest and finally got a chance to try it. I've been using an Eagle front zip for the last year and I liked it but it didn't float me well and offered very little rib protection from impacts. From my initial experience I'm giving the Camaro Vest a thumbs up. Its very comfortable and floats me quite well.

    The Camaro vest's fit was nice similar to an Eagle, maybe not quite as snug. It is not neoprene, its a thinner material that stretches and its very lite. The padding is a little thicker than the Eagle and covers the entire vest (they are small rectangular panels) so it should give a little more protection than the Eagle but not much. Its about 3" longer on the bottom than the eagle. The Eagle has a much heavy looking zipper so hope that will not be a problem in the future. I wore a Large Eagle and ended up ordering a Large Camaro (despite the seller and the US Camaro rep recommending an XL). I'm glad I got the Large, it's snug but comfortable, I think an XL would have been too big unless you just want a looser fit.
  • davehr40davehr40 Posts: 12 Baller
    Been Skiing the Camaro now for two weeks - Miami Nautique has me in a M, 5'10" 170lbs, 38" Chest (and yes did give them my stats before ordering) According to the vest I should be in a XL. The M seems awfully stretched at the zipper when putting it on dry.... but the floatation is perfect, and when wet even feels snug loose, so in fact fit seems just about right. I am usually just in between a L and a M on most things so I probably could have got the L. Overall happy with the vest and a big improvement over a standard coleman water sports USCG vest. Protection is good as well all the way around the rib cage, no rubbing or chaffing anywhere. I guess if one was happy with their vest the $ are not worth the change to the Camaro. If on the other hand one is the market for a new vest as I was this seems to be a good choice.
  • MrJonesMrJones Posts: 1,786 Mega Baller
    This may not matter to you personally, but Eagle is a great company that really supports competitive waterskiing in the states. The vests are made in Houston and I bet if you called and asked for an extra padded version they would be happy to help you out.

    Not saying anything bad about Camaro. Don't know anything about them. Just sayin' support those who support us.
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    Eagle is made right here in Texas, I've been to there location in Houston and picked up a few items. They are a great company and good to deal with, I have several of there products and will no doubt buy more. In my opinion they need to promote a vest with more floatation as a regular product.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,001 Mega Baller
    My kids both have vests with extra flotation in them from Eagle that Coble's Ski School has made up and they are great. The extra flotation doesn't get in the way but does provide more support and protection. I think it would be a great offering from Eagle and I would likely get one.
    Mark Shaffer
  • jipster43jipster43 Posts: 1,434 Crazy Baller
    I would love it if Eagle offered a vest with more flotation and extra rib protection. I replaced my Eagle vest with a 2011 Radar and I am loving it. I took a wake to my ribs yesterday and didn't feel a thing, but it's made in China and that really bums me out.
  • KillerKiller Posts: 404 ★★★★Quad Panda Award Recipient ★★★★
    I am on the Radar Decible vest (2012 model) I like it a lot, although have lost a couple pounds of beer belly so when wet its a little less sung than I'd like, but I'm at the low end of the size scale for the Large. its comfortable, and haven't had any chaffing. It has thicker padding than the Eagles I've seen as well as many Oneill vests. will float me to my mouth if I just sink and dont do anything else to keep me afloat. I also like that its reversible for that cold 2nd set :)
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