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HO Point vest?

footloose42footloose42 Posts: 84 Baller
edited September 2012 in Mostly Slalom
Who here has experience with the HO Point vest? Buoyancy is a big factor for me.I tried on the O'brien Boost and it floated me really well (my chin was almost out of the water), but I'm also interested in the Point and was hoping someone could tell me how it floats. Obviously nothing NCGA will be super buoyant, but ive tried an Eagle vest and I did not like barely having my nose out of the water


  • buskibuski Posts: 114 Baller
    No experience with that one, but I'm pretty happy with the flotation in my Camaro compared to the older obrien elite comp vest I had.
  • jipster43jipster43 Posts: 1,445 Crazy Baller
    My 2011 Radar comp vest floats me as well as a Coast Guard approved vest and I never know I have it on. I love it. The 2012 vest may not float as well, but it sure looks like it would be pretty floaty. Having said all that my next vest will probably be an Eagle with extra flotation and rib protection.
  • tfriesstfriess Posts: 401 Baller
    I have the point. Floats pretty well I just wish I got this years version as it is a front zip. I wanted to pullover until about the 20th time I wore it, just a pain to get on and off
    Can I just ski 24/7?
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