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BullsEye Driver height and seat position

BullsEyeBullsEye Posts: 1 Baller
edited September 2012 in Boat Talk
Driver Height will not affect the BullsEye bow locations much. The angle changes more with movement of the driver from left to right. Here is what to do. Follow the website method of mounting to be sure you have the sights lined up based on the average driver sitting in a comfortable seated position. Leave the gap between the bullseyes wide enough for a little wiggle room of the guide going through. When you change drivers tell the driver to use a spotter to tell him/her when he/she is centered and then he/she will know for example that maybe her spot is crowding the left BullsEye and some one else 's spot is crowding the right BullsEye. We never have had anyone that needed to move the BullsEyes on my boat for 2 years and dozens of drivers. It just isn't an issue that I have come accross. You will quickly learn how to change your comfort angle in the seat on a long day and know if you lean left to just crowd the left BullsEye and you are back to good again! It works!
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