Flying with your ski?

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Sounds like a lot of you travel with your ski. Any advice for how to fly your ski and not get it messed up? I am a bit protective of my ski. Only had driving trips in the past, but as I am probably in my last 2 weeks of the season, thinking about a trip South. Thanks.


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    sportube series 3 hardcase, but even Horton has hid his skis messed up in them.. I've never had a problem with either waterskis or downhill in my sportube. Some airlines may be better than others & many will cover loses if your equipment is in a hardcase..
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    Weeeeeeeell it depends on so many factors...
    To tell you the truth, I've personnally been skiing for 5-6 season's now (seriously I mean, buying my own ski, hitting the course, wanting to ski with my own gear etc..

    And I've noticed a dramatic change in Airlines behaviour regarding waterski equipment.

    My advice would be to check that you can travel with SNOW skis OR Surfboards (often stated in the terms of contract) and NEVER EVER EVER mention anything like waterski, wakeboard or anything like this.

    Why? because, our sport is a low diffusion sport, not many people actually know about it, and many mistake it for KiteSurfing, Surfing, Paddling, whatever...

    I've notice donce you start to mention waterski, then they notice it is not stated in the contract, and almost systematically want to charge you big big $$$ for transporting it (i've been asked 70$ PER FLIGHT on a Paris - Mexico -canun - mexico - Paris...that's 4 the math, obviously I got outof that one but it was a close call)

    Now, this was about legal / authorizations / cost etc...

    Regarding transportation technique look at your dealer's website, there are plenty of brands that come up with great baggs / boxes / with or withour rollers (prefer with obviously).

    I myself made my own N'destructible slalom gear transportation bag from a Dakine SnowBoard Bag (90$ for Sale) and a plastic pipe from a construction dealer close to my house (30$ so so + some effort to cut it to the right size)

    Result is I can store 2 -3 skis without fins or bindgins INSIDE the pipe, have them mega protected, and pack up all the rest (vest, rope, bindings bla bla bla) in the big bag. See pictures attached with my old KD7000! (Please DO NOT MAKE FUN OF MY TINY TINY FRENCH CAR, If I lived in the States I'd be driving some V8 muscle car, this is as good as it gets inside Paris lol)

    Hope this helped, and have a good flight ;)


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    ps: Forgot to mention I had made the exact same one for my sister's Goode Maikai, with a PINK Dakine bag obviously, and it proved efficient starting from the first flight, the bag arrived all nice and neat, but inside the pipe was all cracked and you could see it had taken a HUGE fall / load / hit, well somthing you wouldn't want your ski to have to deal with... But the ski was good as new, 30$ well spent.

    As @Killer mentioned some brand make very good cases, try them if you can!
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    @popof that pipe looks like it could withstand a car driving over it. How is the waight of the bag with all the skies gear pipe bindings?? .... I've been close to 50lb with my sport tube all packed up. More then 50lbs and cha-ching$$. Also I've been asked if there is anything in the case that's not sports related. Considering they always crack open the case to search, I just keep ski gear and related items in it. They will charge oversized bag rates if a bunch of clothing is in it. Highly recommend a TSA lock. They will cut off (destroy) any other kind of lock. Also as stated obove when asked what's in it, I say "ski gear". Generally not asked what kind and off it extra fees. Photo of @Horton SportTube all squashed makes me think that pipe idea is a good one.
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    Why do you need to take the fin off? It looks like there would be plenty of room for the ski with the fin on.

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    I always fly southwest seems like (best prices) And for the first time in a very long time I was charged for my skis. Was it over 50 lbs.. no. But it was over 84 inches long I guess or whatever their cut off is. Called SW, and asked about it, and they said I wouldn't be charged for that and should not have been. Asked how to get my $$ back, they provided a cust service number I didn't have, and wasn't open. So was charged one way, but not on the way home. I learned 2 things from this: 1. always go inside to check your skis, never at the curbside check in. 2, Remember to call that damn cust service number... It's been like 6 weeks now... I'm an idiot sometimes.
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    Hey Guys! The pipe is obviously heavier than just foam around your ski, but I've found it's worth it! With 2 skis, 3 bindings, 2 RTP, rope, jacket, gloves, handle, + neoprene and small ski bags (for the lake), the total bag weighs around 50lbs in deed. Since 23 Kilos is the Weight allowed (49lbs), no biggy.
    @Garn you have to take the fins of if you want to put 2+ skis inside the pipe! Else they just sit on top of one another, not to mention damage to the ski lying under...
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    Ps: pipe alone is close to 10lbs, I'm not saying this is the perfect solution, just sayin' this is a not-so-expensive solution that is tune-able. if I'm only travelling by train / GreyHound then the bag is plenty enough, If I'm travelling small airplanes (private), same thing. if you're going cross-world with two-three plane connections...the pipe might come in handy ;)
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    Print out a couple copies of the airlines sports equipment policy (at least one for you and one for them) to take with you (read it yourself also!). Never seem to have issues in Seattle, but sometimes at PBI and FLL.
    Every time, really every time, in Miami it is a problem and they want to charge big $. I hand them a copy of thier policy, have it up and ready live on my phone, smile, stay nice, polite and calm and I am a brick wall: they will accept our ski's (in sport tube) and I will not pay extra for size/type. Southwest last few times was still free and Alaska $25, thier standard bagage fee.
    Most policies provide exceptions for sports equipment for size, not weight, as they want the sports traveller.
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