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The FAQ - A work in progress

HortonHorton Posts: 28,753 Administrator
edited December 2012 in FAQ
This FAQ is a work in progress. As I have time I will add to it. If you want to help, email me your text.
This thread is locked so it will not become a cluttered mess.

What does “BallOfSpray” mean?
BallOfSpray is a term that I (Horton) use to describe my own skiing. When a good skier comes down the lake you see nice smooth walls of water. When I come down the lake it looks like a big ball of spray.

Is BallOfSpray free speech?
This site is free speech with a few exceptions.
Angry and basically unfriendly posts are not allowed.
Posts that are negative toward water ski companies and products must be specific and written by the person who had the bad experience. Broad brush (non-specific) posts about how bad a product or service is are not allowed.
As owner of this site I reserve the right to delete anything I deem inappropriate. This happens VERY rarely.

How do I add my real name?
see below

How do I add pictures to my posts?
see below

How do I add video to my posts?
see below

How do I add a signature to my posts?
See below

Is it Ok to pick on MS?

Yes always

Leading Arm Vs Trailing Arm
Skiing toward 1/3/5 - moving to the skiers right the skiers left arm is the trailing arm
Skiing toward 2/4/6 – moving to the skiers left skiers right arm is the trailing arm
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