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I'm looking into a portable course. I have absolutely no experience with portable courses as we have a permanent course we use during the season on Long Island but our course time is limited by the tide. Would like to be able to throw down a portable course mid day when it's warmer to extend the season. Course will be removed at the end of the day. Has anything really changed over the years? Do the older systems all have telescoping arms that snap into place? I see an Insta Slalom for sale in CT on skiitagain for $700 only a hour and a half drive for me. I'll be using it in salt water but only a handful of times a year and only on a daily basis. I was thinking that the poly mainline would be easier to handle. BTW i don't have the time to build one. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks


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    Having used both Insta-Slalom and EZ-Slalom the best built and most durable is the EZ-slalom. Ed is a regular on this board and is great to work with - especially when you need a spare part to repair damage. Once in practice, we were able to install in about 20-minutes and recover in about 15-minutes.
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    I would highly recommend an ez-slalom. We just purchased ours this season and love it! Incredibly simple and easy to set up. We set ours up and take it down nearly everyday during the season, we can put it in in about 25 min and take it out in about 20 min.
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    I bought an insta slalom earlier this year and I will agree with the above posts. Since I bought it, they don't answer any questions and while I have gotten good at putting it up and taking it down, I think the ez-slalom is higher quality, easier to use, and comes with something lacking in our society...namely, customer service. If I could sell mine, i would buy one from Ed.

    Which brings me to a another point, I have for sale a gently-used incredible slalom course. I just don't use it any more and it is taking up space in my garage. Hurry, this will go fast! :)
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    I am also interested in a portable course but I have heard talk of "sinkable" courses which would be great for my situation. Are there even such things as sinkable courses and if so do they work well?
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    Thanks for the input. I must have had a brain fart, but I forgot all about Ed. Bought a bunch of orange buoys from him last spring, super nice guy and a big contributor on this site. I'm going to give Ed a call.
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    Hey guys. As always I'm flattered by all of the positivity, thank you all so much for the kind words and positive comments. As I've stated before, I just try to treat folks the way I'd want to be treated were I on the other end of the transaction. Don't always get it right the first time but we sure try to.

    @FrankS. There is only one sinkable course system out there, the WallySinker (www.wallysinker.com). Wally bought the old AccuSink system and reengineered it to be a much better, less problematic system than AccuSink was. I have something of a working relationship with Wally and have no issue suggesting his system if a sinker is the way you want to go. It's not an inexpensive setup but it's a big improvement over what they used to be.

    @douglaslbrady please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions you have concerning your course. I'm sure I can answer most of them for you and there is never any obligation to me for anything, just happy to be helpful in whatever way I can.

    @ptmike call or write anytime, be happy to chat with you and answer your questions. [email protected] or 800-216-4461 toll free (913-294-2148 direct). Cheers!
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    PT Mike - I also live on Long Island. I have one of Ed's S.S. courses but haven't used it because it is too much work for one person. I am out in East Hampton. Perhaps we could work some thing out?
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    @Ed. Thanks, I will call u. I am looking how to add 55 gates and how to put magnets on the gates for use with my stargazer.
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    @otisg Thanks, but I'm pretty sure I want the poly mainline setup.
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    PT Mike - I wasn't looking to sell it to you...
    I was hoping you were close enough to me that you could help set mine up and maintain it.
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