My old ski club

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this is what happened. : (


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    so what occured to have boats replaced by cables?
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    That looks bad (as in not good). That looks like a nice tournament site that someone converted to a cable lake/park. That looks like someone who had a nice site, wasen't getting enough hard core slalom skiers (dying breed) and converted it to cable to make more money. booo.
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    The lakes were sold . New owner put in a cable park. It was a great site. Unfortunately that lake is now ruined for skiing as they put in a divider splitting the lake into two. I believe one of the lakes is still being used as slalom lake, however Dirt might be the last member left!
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    their facebook page still shows the "boat lake" with a slalom course on it? get some members and keep the dream alive! privately owned land is always for sale!

    the lake I ski on has a cable setup in a corner (thankfully the lake shape permits dual use) and if anything its drawn more attention to the skiing and its let the owner lease off a part of the property so he doesn't have to find as many skiers.

    Vancouver ski club just recently went through something similar on a city owned ski lake (the pro tour site in Abbotsford, BC), and in the end I believe they were able to work out a shared arragement.

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    Where is Wake Island? How did they get through all the permitting? I'd love to convert one of my lakes to cable! Pardon the heresy.

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    Its used to be Stillwater ranch, then Locust Lakes and now Wake Island. It's just outside of Roseville in Pleasant Grove. Don't know how they got thru the permitting.
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    That's my old ski site too (as Rod knows). In a way it's sad, but in some ways it can be a good thing. I know the new owners have paved the road and parking area, the water looks clean and blue (rather than the mud brown it's been for years), and they appear to be generally improving the site. I think @Killer has a point. Perhaps the cable wakeboard lake will bring some attention to waterskiing. Waterskiing coexisting with Wakeboarding is a good way to renew interest in Waterskiing.
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    I'm with @rico & @killer - in fact, I think the reaction that wakeboarding or cable parks is somehow 'bad' for skiing is what's really sad. Like alpine skiers and snowboarders, or BMX'rs & skateboarders (or even brothers and sisters), it's sad to see two groups with such similar passions, needs and goals imagining themselves as enemies.
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    Heck I am making a winch just to save gas with all the pulls getting people(kids) started.

    A cable means you could take some sets on wake skis. Trick skis etc and have some fun instead of waitibg for your pull.
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    Alpine skiing and snowboarding are not similar passions.
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    I'd have to agree with @jimbrake
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    I dont have anything against a cable park, in fact I want to try it out when it opens. The sad part though is that 20 families used to ski there and had go else where. The way they built it made it impossible to ski a course on the lake as well. It worked out for me as I really like the club I am at now . Probably wouldnt ever have skied a tournament if I hadn't joined Pleasant Oaks.
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    Here it is all cabled up.
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    There is another maker of those two tower cable systems, think it is called the System 2.0

    I think having one would be excellent, but should not be done in such a way as to exclude using the boat for slalom sets.

    In fact I recently found one about ~30 minutes from my wednesday afternoon office, and will probably start bringing my trick ski with me just to have some time to go and ride after work that day.

    Could also be a great tool for slowing down the speed through the course and pulling a wakeless set teaching.
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    I think if you are on a three or four lake site, than a cable driven tow may be a good thing. For $35,000 (referencing OB), it would reduce shoreline damages tremendously, save on property owners to purchase and maintain the larger boats, and may even drive the property value up.

    Since the cable puts the riders upward, it could double as a learning tool for beginner water skiers to get out of the water easier.
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    Pleasant Oaks sure looks S W E E T!
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