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HO Triumph for learning female skier?

theheidsstheheidss Posts: 1 Baller
edited December 2012 in Skis Fins Bindings
I ski for a college team and up till now have been using team equipment. I'm very new to slalom skiing and am interested in getting a ski that will help me work on form and progress in the course. I can run the mini with no problem and can run the course at slower speeds. I'm 5'2'' and weigh 120 lbs. I found a 65'' 2011 HO Triumph in good condition, would this ski be a good option for my needs?


  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,232 Mega Baller
    I bought a Radar P6 for my daughter. Look at the Lyric also. You may just zip right past the Triumph max speed in one summer. My daughter runs the mini course around 24-26 mph, just started last year. Was a wakeboarder until that. In hindsight, I am wishing I bought the Lyric.
  • GarnGarn Posts: 536 Crazy Baller
    I think the Triumph would be a great ski for you. I skied on one in October and I was really impressed with its capabilities. I think it is an extremely capable ski with more potential then a lot of people realize.

  • DavidPDavidP Posts: 177 Baller
    theheidss, I would recommend the 2012 model as the ski was redesigned in 2012 (stepped bottom). My wife loves her 65 Triumph and skis the course at 24-28mph 15off. I did buy a HO syndicate fin so we could make small adjustments to the fin setting. There is a 2012 65 Triumph on listing SIA21520. Good luck, there is nothing more fun than skiing in college!
    David Panneton - LakePort Water Ski Club, formerly known as Muddy Waters
  • bogboybogboy Posts: 699 Solid Baller
    I agree what david said about the 2012-13 triumph vs the 2011 & older. There is a noticeable difference.
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