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Fair Request?

rodltg2rodltg2 Posts: 1,051 Crazy Baller
I have my 93 ski boat for sale so I can upgrade. I have two guys interested in buying it together. They want to come check out the boat, do a lake test and both them and a girlfriend ski it. Normally I would not have an issue with it in the summer on a weekend where I cold make a day of it and catch a set myself. However they want to do it during the week and now. If I really want to sell the boat I guess I should do it . To get my clean dry boat out of storage and take 3 people skiing would take a good part of the day. I would have to take a day off of work and my boat would get really dirty with all the mud thats out now. Not mention there is no way Im skiing in right now, I dont do the cold! If I were selling a $30k+ boat I could justify it, but at $7500 I don't think I'm going to offer it up. What do you guys think?


  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,263 Mega Baller
  • slalomboy96slalomboy96 Posts: 72 Baller
    salesman speak... cash in the bank is good for winter especially if you want to sell it, the buyer may not be around in summer, qualify them though and say... "as long as the boat does what its supposed to do and is in the stated condition you will buy it and hand over the cash at the end of the ski"... at least youll know if they are serious and thne its their job to clean it afterwards. in my experience people who want to test boats in adverse conditions are usually pretty keen to part with the cash
  • scuppersscuppers Posts: 476 Baller
    @rodltg2 Did you qualify the potential buyers? If they like it, can they buy it? If the answer is yes - head to the lake.
    Chuck Link, Deland Florida
  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 3,288 Mega Baller
    $50 is too cheap! If you are taking time off from work time is $$$$$. If they are for real $500.00 deposit with $250 returnable if you deem they wasted your time!

    Remember: Money talks! BS Walks! And loose change rides the bus!!!!!
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 3,288 Mega Baller
    OK?!?!? How do you "qualify" a buyer? How they sound on the phone? What they drive? What they look like?

    I have Been doing this for a long time, If they are really interested then green is king!

    I learned a long time ago that just because a potential buyer drives a nice new vehicle and dresses with nice clothes chances are they cant pay their next "nice" car payment and have no business wasting my time!
    If you are up front and honest with what you have to sell and your potential understands that upfront then the Green Will appear and we go on a test ride! Otherwise walk away, Direct them them to the nearest bus stop. With a friendly smile!
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • estromestrom Posts: 512 Baller
    Seeing as how it's winter and you have to "unpack" the thing, I would vote for something greater than $50 also. I would say, "You give me $200 and we'll take it out. If you like it, the $200 is applied to the purchase price. If not, I keep it." $50 or $100 might work if they would do it on a weekend, but not if you have to take off work. I also agree with doing the paperwork in the parking lot and leaving the boat and trailer with them if they make the purchase. I actually did this as a buyer with no problem.
  • rodltg2rodltg2 Posts: 1,051 Crazy Baller
    I'm fairly sure they are serious. I have exchanged a few phone calls and emails. My other problem is that our ski lake is closed for the season. I believe after November 30, no more sking till March. The local public lake has a 5 mile speed limit due to low water. Other option is river, but I assume full of debris from the recent storms. Can't they just read the WS review while I run it on the fake a lake? Same thing right! LOL
  • Onside135Onside135 Posts: 443 Crazy Baller
    If I were buying a boat, I'd like to test it with myself skiing and a familiar driver driving (preferrably a ski partner), then I'd like to swap and pull my buddy. If I was serious about buying your boat, I'd have no problem putting down a deposit to be applied to the purchase of the boat. $250 seems reasonable with up to half being refundable...just my .02
  • RichardDoaneRichardDoane Posts: 4,589 Mega Baller
    @rodltg - I'm with Jody, don't let them waste your time, and if your boat is like you've described it, run it on the fake a lake for them and call it good. Give them a few personal references so they can check out that you're not selling them a POS, they can call a few people who've skied behind your boat this past summer/fall
    BallOfSpray Pacific Northwest Vice President of Event Management, aka "Zappy"
  • rodltg2rodltg2 Posts: 1,051 Crazy Baller
    Scammers are texting now? Someone just texted me and asked for my paypal account to transfer funds . I confused him when I asked if he was going to want the boat with or without perfect pass. LOL!
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,687 Mega Baller
    @rodltg2, you've got SG and a killer wake...what are you upgrading to? I love your boat, but the wife tells me I have too many boats (she says I have 3...I say one doesn't count).
    If they want to ski in the cold they are probably serious. If I was looking for my first would already be shipping that my way.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • madcityskiermadcityskier Posts: 112 Baller
    I'd never consider buying a boat without getting it in the water. On the hose is better than nothing, but not enough. There could be any number of issues such as a slightly bent shaft, or hole hidden by a bunk leaking at a decent rate. When making a purchase this expensive, I'm not willing to chance it. As a seller, I like the $50 dollar idea. Just enough to show that they're serious without scaring them off. As a buyer, I would say if you don't want to show it now, don't list it now. The lake being shut down just makes the entire thing a little more of a pain for both of you. Good luck with the sale.
  • rodltg2rodltg2 Posts: 1,051 Crazy Baller
    All great advice . I'll probably wait till sell in spring.

    @6balls, I'm hoping to get a ZO boat. But we'll see!
  • BradyBrady Posts: 1,085 Mega Baller
    I have to say, I wish I would have taken @Jody_Seal 's advice when I was selling my go-fast boat. I had two people who said all the right things and looked the part and they were convinced they were going to buy the boat, but they needed to see the boat in the water and how it handled at 80 plus mph. I obliged, being drawn into their schtick, and when I showed up at the lake, one of them brought their entire family, and after the ride, you have never seen someone leave so fast. The other time, they started making lame-ass excused about money, etc. blah blah blah. All they wanted was a ride, and pulling my boat at 90 mph, probably burned through a couple hundred dollars each time, and not one penny was given to me by either of them.

    Ended up selling it to an electrician who drove a 10 year old Dodge truck. Took it to his mechanic, plopped down cash, and the deal was done.

    When someone now tells me something that I want to hear, or is trying to paint this awesome picture, but they don't back it up, they are selling you the dream, or as I like to call it, "mental masturbation" Chances are they are full of crap, but if they are willing to put down cash, that is what speaks to me now.

    I ski, therefore I am
  • WaternutWaternut Posts: 1,511 Crazy Baller
    Did they say why they can't go on the weekend? I understand a scammer possibly wanting to take a free joy ride but in the middle of winter? A casual skier wouldn't want a joy ride in the winter and I can't see a serious skier wanting to burn a bridge by taking a joy ride.

    The guy I bought my boat from offered to have myself or him ski behind it. I refused bc I could see/feel the wake and engine were massively better than anything I'd skied behind in the past. When I sold my last slalom ski, I offered to let the guy use it behind my boat but he also refused. If bought either now, I'd want to test it out for sure...
  • east tx skiereast tx skier Posts: 598 Solid Baller
    edited December 2012
    Everyone has missed the critical question. Is the girlfriend who wants to get into the cold water hot?

    I wouldn't buy a boat without test driving it. And I definitely skied my current boat and gave it a long test drive before buying it (in September).

    That said, is it a 93 Pro Star? If so, see if they will let you run it on a hose or let them send a mechanic over to give it a clean bill of health. Sure, the buyers might not be around in the spring. But a 93 Pro Star won't be around for long if its in good shape. Anyone who knows will know that that boat's wake is pretty much beyond reproach. Still, they said that about the TSC SN and, frankly, when I test skied it, I didn't love it compared to other boats. Once I got used to it, I wondered what I was smoking though.
    Perpetual Longline Baller and curvy ski boat owner.
    My real name is in my profile.

  • The_MSThe_MS Posts: 6,146 Member of the BallOfSpray Hall Of Fame
    We sold our 08 196 to a guy from Ms and bought an 09 from @T8 in Tn. We drove ours down and dropped it off and hauled our 09 home. No test rides. Worked out great for all of us. If I were buying from someone close by, I would drive it unless it was a promo that I have skied behind or driven in a tourney.
    Shut up and ski
  • east tx skiereast tx skier Posts: 598 Solid Baller
    When I sold my old MC, there was no test drive because I was delivering from Tyler to St. Louis. Boat was paid for before it left the driveway. I offered a test drive if he wanted to come down and pick it up. But I wasn't opening any doors for negotiations 1,500 miles form home. I started it on the hose before I left to make sure it ran.

    He had a really hard time starting it when he got it home. He called me and it turned out he wasn't giving the Perfect Pass servo motor enough time to wind tight after he gave the throttle a good couple of pumps.
    Perpetual Longline Baller and curvy ski boat owner.
    My real name is in my profile.

  • skidawgskidawg Posts: 3,420 Mega Baller
    $1000 non refundable deposit. Otherwise it's not worth the hassle
    NWA....Heaven on earth!
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,647 Mega Baller
    1K deposit non-refundable is huge... Maybe 50-100 could fly.

    I'm a big fan of cash in hand test drives, but would I ever risk a grand to test drive something - definately not.
  • BulldogBulldog Posts: 1,036 Crazy Baller
    edited December 2012
    In 2007 I bought my boat from Florida (I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and put $1000.00 down subject to a test drive. If a buyer is serious they should have no problem doing this, it all comes down to the proper paperwork to keep both sides happy.
    Mike Loeffler - "Someone somewhere is having a real problem today...My bad skiing is NOT one of them"
    I do this all the time. They dont know what they want and they want you to waste your precious time and energy for them to be even MORE undecided after a SINGLE pull behind an UNFAMILIAR boat. Unless you are hard up, wait until someone who has a better understanding of what they want, what you have and can meet at some fiscal agreement AND THEN let them do a check ride.

    When people ask if they can test ride my bikes, I say sure, you buy it, you go ride it for twenty minutes, you dont like it, bring it back unscathed and I will hand you your money back. Most dont even bother, my stuff is high and tight, just forewarning you, lots of flakey, indecisive people who wont think twice about wasting your time and money.
    Doug Roberts San Diego, CA ski rating: 2 balls
  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 2,512 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I purchased 2 late model 196's with no test drive, however they were from a dealership, so I think that's completely different. I also bought a '91 Prostar from a private party without a test drive, as the water was 12" solid at the time. We fired it up on a fake a lake, and that was good enough for me. I knew exactly what I was getting, so I wasn't concerned about it. If they need to test ski it, they don't know what you have, and hence would they really know if it skied well? I can't think of a boat built after '86 that I don't have somewhat of an idea how it'll ski. Of course, some people just get weird about a boats wake. We had a really nice guy buy our '07 196, and he ran it through every rope length, just to be sure it measured up to his old Bu. I just smiled and went along with it:)
    Scott Calderwood
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,647 Mega Baller
    @sdnah2oskier - I'm the same with motorcycles - too much risk of theft, drive offs, and dropped bikes. When I buy bikes cash in hand I want the title on the table. Before cash goes hand to hand I want to see it clear and in the name of the guy I'm talking to (ID presented).

    Boats you have the benefits of riding along -
  • ForrestGumpForrestGump Posts: 6,218
    I've bought two promos(one of which was MS's) and an 05 196 site unseen.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,687 Mega Baller
    Bought my '00 196 w/out driving it. Friend had a '97 w/same motor (gt40) so I knew what I was getting into for wake/performance. 84 hours and appearance consistent with that amount of wear (like perfect).
    I would buy ballers promo site unseen if it came to that.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • thagerthager Posts: 5,211 Mega Baller
    I bought my 02 196 without a test drive at "Son Watersports" a Nautique dealer I had bought from previously just after Christmas. Very pleased when the ice finally melted!
    Stir vigorously then leave!
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