What's Nate's weight distribution here?

estromestrom Posts: 512 Baller
I know it's hard to pinpoint a particular moment in the slalom run, but humor me. I think this is a very cool shot of Nate and got to wondering, what's his front/back foot weight distribution here? He's apparently picked up the load and is ready to head across the course. Is his weight distrubution 60/40, 50/50, 40/60 front/back foot? I would be interested in your thoughts/opins. And does it differ crossing the opposite direction?
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  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,032 Mega Baller
    I like the position in relation to the banner behind him.

    I would hazard that he is progressing forward over the ski, the change in his spray kind of looks like he had to make a move somewhere prior to that picture
  • HortonHorton Posts: 31,820 Administrator
    edited January 2013
    I think that is a hard camera angle to judge from and one wake crossing does not equal his style.

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  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    Weight distribution is tricky, because it is determined by the pull of the boat and the skiers intent, and may not be totally obvious. For example, there are portions of the pull where you may have significant weight or pressure on the front foot even though the skier's body appears to be behind the bindings.
    Jim Ross
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