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Best slalom Ski for a senior!

jpsaenzjpsaenz Posts: 1 New Baller
i am looking forward the best slalom ski for a man 56 year old 190 lb 5,8 ft. He skied a lot when he was young, slalom and everything/34 mph.. Now since 3 years ago he returned to try again but he is out of training and with a little bit overweight.. He star with 2 ski and you can guess no problem. Of course that he felt that he needs to slalom again but the problem came when he tried get out of the water with a slalom ski. He tried with diferent types norrow and wider but no way. Obviously he knows the technique because he did several time when he was young but now it's impossible for him. The thing that i would like to as if there is any kind of slalom ski that definitly help for this kind of person... I hope that you can help me with this. "He" is my father. He taught me everything a few years ago and know i am very fun of slaloms and speed! but it is sad to see that your father cant do it and knowing that he loves too. Any comment guys? Thanks


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