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Will my bindings fit....... ?

I tried to revive a post yesterday without success. Figured I would try starting a new thread on the topic. I'm in the market for a different ski and I'm open to all possibilities. I paid about $240 for my HO Basis bindings right out of the box. I love the boots and would like to use them on my next ski.

Do you think the other ski manufacturer would know if HO boots are compatible with their ski? I somehow doubt that HO would let me know all the different skis their boots are compatible with.

Appreciate the help.


  • ralral Posts: 1,762 Mega Baller
    All manufacturers know if they make either HO or KD/D3 back binding patterns. Many of them (european and D3 now) make skis that would take both patterns.

    Need to get a ski with HO back pattern. Front boots are standard.
    Rodrigo Andai
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