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Boat Insurance - Rate Hikes?

Skoot1123Skoot1123 Posts: 2,048 Mega Baller
Ballers - just paid my insurance bill for my '07 boat and was surprised it went up ~$20. I live in Illinois - so I'm not too surprised, but has anyone else seen their rates go up?


  • WayneWayne Posts: 563 Crazy Baller
    Same with my 2009 Response LXI in Michigan. My agent said it was due to the dollar amount for filed claims has been higher. My guess is the cost to repair/replace is climbing fast.
  • Phil2360Phil2360 Posts: 367 Baller

    Would be curious to know what the Premium is & what cover you have.
    Just had home & contents down here.... up by 46%.

    Would like to know how we compare with over there.
  • east tx skiereast tx skier Posts: 598 Solid Baller
    Switched underwriters on my policy last year and the price dropped $100 for the same coverage. Hope it lasts.
    Perpetual Longline Baller and curvy ski boat owner.
    My real name is in my profile.

  • XR6HurricaneXR6Hurricane Posts: 328 Baller
    I'm in Illinois and mine stayed the same as last year. I have mine with American Family. They have the best rates of any A+ company I've found but you need a good credit rating to get their best rates.
  • jdarwinjdarwin Posts: 1,381 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Sandy losses were significant in the marine insurance market. If your insurance only increases by $20, be thankful.
    Joe Darwin
  • JohnbradJohnbrad Posts: 15 New Baller
    I did not find any increase. It depends on the type of boat, it's condition, how much insurance you want, where you live, your driving record, age, and so on.
  • yardsaleyardsale Posts: 46 Baller
    Depends on the company too. I have Chubb and they jack rates frequently. But they're the best and they know it so if you want their ins you play their game.
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