Skiing in Duluth?

I will be moving from Michigan to Duluth, Minnesota in June for graduate school. Does anyone know of anyone I can ski with around there?



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    @jennagee Check your inbox. I can set you up with some skiers up there.
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    okay, Thank you so much!
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    We're south of you in Eau Claire, if you're ever down here. It's a pretty short season up there in Duluth:(
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    Lutsen Ski Resort. I know you mean waterski but might as well know about that place considering winter will drag on and on and on and on..... ;)
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    What are you guys talking about? Duluth is the warmest city in minnesota.
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    My bad its winona. This isnt the first time public school teachers fed me lies.
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    I am sure there are some great ski hills in the Duluth area and are probably open year round.
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    Be nice everyone...... With the forecast predicting 2-4 inches of snow tonight in Duluth, and 2.5-3' of ice on our lake, we should have ice out my early May this season. Duluth is a great place to ski (from July-Aug). On a more serious note, you can send me a message Jenna and we can work getting you some skiing. I believe my wife (who is a slalom and trick skier as well) is actually one of your instructors in the PT program.
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    I sent her your home number.
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