Great lessons with Brooks Wilson last week.

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Just want to thank you guys as I was looking for places to take lessons down in Orlando. I found a few good posts on this site about Brooks Wilson so I emailed and set up two days for me and 3 of my kids. He really was great. Very encouraging, and got everyone to run the course and feel good about the results. He also gave us all things to work on when the season starts.

Biggest improvement was my 11 yr old. She is a great learner, but not very aggressive. On Day 1 on the mini course she wasn't cutting hard enough to get to the other wake before the bouy passed. He worked with her and by the end of day 1 he got her through all the mini course bouy's by fishtailing the boat to them. She was really excited. Next day before she stared he talked to her about positioning and about her getting to the bouy's early. It worked, on the 2nd run she got all the bouy's with him holding a straight line. He upped the speed and she did it again. Last run she ran the big course and got 1 and 3 which was absolutely great.

So thanks to you guys for the information, and if anyone is looking for lessons in the Orlando area you should look Brooks up.


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    My wife and I had a lesson with KC Wilson in December and had a blast. Great lessons, lots to learn and carry into this season!
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    Brooks and KC are the bomb! I love how fun it is to ski with them and how they convey their message. I highly suggest you go ski with them as well. They got me to run -32/36 consistently now. I go every year to get coaching from them. Leaving in a month to ski with them!
    Rob Quetschke
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    I have skied with Brooks before and he is a great coach who can convey what he is trying to say in a very relatable way. I will be skiing with him here in the new future. I am headed to Orlando this weekend and will be seeing the Bros at a tournament.
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