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Needing a PTM Edge Mirror - Which one?

aswinter05aswinter05 Posts: 363 Baller
edited April 2013 in Boat Talk
The mirror that came with our 200 stinks. The only time I can honestly see the skier is when they are directly behind the boat/wake. Everyone at the club said I'll need a wider mirror for when there's only a skier and a driver (mainly for safety).

PTM Edge seems to be the brand to go with? Which one? Any ballers have a spare sitting around they'd like to sell? :)


  • Not_The_PugNot_The_Pug Posts: 649 Crazy Baller
    I have been trying the 140 on my 200. Best mirror I have used and I have the better Nautique mirror. Great vision from the 140.
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,250 Mega Baller
    I'm with @OB only thing you should need the mirror for is checking the skier for the pull up
  • east tx skiereast tx skier Posts: 598 Solid Baller
    edited April 2013
    I have the PTM VR140 on my SN and it is a definite improvement over the CIPA Extreme I had previously. I'm sure using raw instinct works well for some and I don't think any of us are fixing our gaze behind the boat when we're in the course. But, in my case, there's no substitute for a good blaster at your side (so to speak).

    It's easier to take a quick glance in this mirror if I need to get an idea of what's going on behind me knowing I will be able to see my skier wherever he/she may be rather than to have to hunt the reflection to find what I'm looking for. With young kids, they don't always behave predictably nor is it easy to "feel" their 50 lbs behind the boat. Obviously, at this point, you have decided you need something better than what came on your boat. So I'll encourage the purchase.

    If the mount on your current mirror looks like this, it will probably work with the PTM mirror and save you a few bucks. My mount is from the CIPA Extreme.


    I bought mine from White Lake Marine and got a 10% discount. Obviously, if a BOS sponsor is offering a good deal on it, go that route.
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  • ralral Posts: 1,832 Mega Baller
    Agree with @OB, need to be really experienced to be able to drive and look and even so, the skier would get a better ride if just driving.
    Rodrigo Andai
  • aswinter05aswinter05 Posts: 363 Baller
    I can generally feel the skier, especially Tommy, however, my wife skiing at 28mph and weighing 100 lbs is difficult to feel at the training buoys. @OB , even pulling Tom the other day, the observer had to let me know when he went down a couple times (yes tom took a spill or two). I appreciate u guys trying to save me money, but this current mirror is garbage.

    Obviously i will get better at driving and be able to feel the skier naturally. Im not wanting a mirror so i can watch my wife ski the course. Thats what my Kodak and EZ cam mount is for. Its so i can glance if i think shes down.
  • aswinter05aswinter05 Posts: 363 Baller
    @ OB , Come ski at S.K.I. and it's yours! Then you can chalk up #13 for the year
  • MZitoMZito Posts: 179 Baller
    @Krlee‌ what bracket do you have on your PTM thats mounted to your SN 200? I have this mirror and a bract that fit my old Porstar 190 95' but that bracket does not seem to work on my 2010 sn 200. thanks for the help!
    Matt Zito...Detroit Mi
  • crashmancrashman Posts: 722 Crazy Baller
    The PTM customer service is awesome. I had a slight mishap with mine and Nate Reid went above and beyond to help me out. Yes they are expensive but it's a great mirror and they stand behind their product.
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  • Dacon62Dacon62 Posts: 816 Crazy Baller
    Told the dealer not to even install the stock mirror on our TXi and put a PTM140 on it.
    Couldn't be happier with the decision.
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