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I am currently in Helsinki for work reasons (not the right weather for skiing anyways), but probably have to be back during the summer. Anyone knows where they ski here? They do have good jumpers (good looking as well...), so there has to be a ramp and buoys somewhere...
Rodrigo Andai


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    I have nothing useful to contribute, but anyhow: It's been about 25 years since I visited Helsinki, but that place was awesome in the summer.

    I'm pretty sure there are no men in Helsinki. At least I never managed to see one. (It's possible it could color my view that I was 16 when I visited there...)
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    I have a connection in Oslo if you need it. Quick flight over there to take a few sets.
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    Lake Niihama in Tampere.
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    It looks like the crowd is watching an outdoor event at the winter Olympics.
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    Hi @ral

    The Finnish Water Ski Sports Association's website

    Club list:
    I can see a few in Helsinki area.

    Google Crome can translate quite ok.

    You are always welcome to Stockholm (much closer than Norway ;0).
    There are some times boat trips for as low as 50 USD T/R.
    We have approx 10 clubs within 2 h from Stockholm (~5 in Sto area).
    You can most likely be guest in any club. I will for sure invite any Baller in as guest in my club.

    Here are a few:

    LVSK (My club)

    Älta sjön (No website but if you would like to google location)

    Lida, Tullinge

    Nacka Järla sjön

    Svenska Vattenskidförbundet (Sweden water Ski Association's website)
    Will show many Sweden clubs (I would assume there are about 100 total)

    Best luck!

    Life is too short not to enjoy every day!
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    They've got a slamon course in the city (of Helsinki) and I've heard it skis decent in the mornings before the wind picks up. Wanting to take a ski set, I'd suggest driving an hour and a half north to lake niihama in tampere. The lake is unreal and the site is well maintained.
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    @ral try the Finnish facebook page:
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    @gsm_peter, thanks for the data and offer! I might get to Sweden on my next trip to the region, so will let you know.
    Rodrigo Andai
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    You could use a BOS sponsor
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    Hi @ral

    Welcome. Just give a heads up when you know more.

    You can read more about our club in another post here from me (How a water ski club works in Sweden)
    Unfortunately I am not a very experienced driver (it matters a lot (?) since you seems to be a short line skier) but I will do mu best (to find a better driver or drive myself).
    Also note that we are a bit dependent on the weather conditions (wind and later the darkness).


    The wakescout www does unfortunately not cover many places in Sweden.
    I saw 5 out of approx 100. (Also all does not have a web site)
    So I guess it is better to go to the Ski federations in each non US country instead.

    (A few years ago I saw another www that was rather complete. I do not remember the name)
    Life is too short not to enjoy every day!
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