Getting back into skiing

bojansbojans Posts: 318 Solid Baller
For the most part I have been out of skiing for about 10 years. Injuries, family, etc have kept me off the water and mostly in the boat. I was never a great skier, a few at 28 off, 36 and jumping about 100 on singles, 5 ft. By no means am I in skiing shape but am working on it. I just bought a 2012 Senate 69" (I weight around 250) and am looking at bindings. I have some Wiley's that will fit the ski but am curious about the Reflex. I have some knee and hip issues from an accident several years ago and like the idea of releasing more reliably from the ski. My question is being a big guy will the Reflex keep me in the ski, can it be adjusted correctly for my weight? If not what is the ~ weight where Reflex begins to work? While ultimately I plan on getting to ~200 lbs it probably won't be this ski season. I am in men's 3 now so will max out at 34.



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