Binding placement and hip pain

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I moved my front binding forward to the stops. I didn't move the rear at all. I haven't been running boots tight together so now I have a lot of separation between front and rear. I have had a few sets recently and was getting nice and sore (as mentioned in a different thread). Pulling out for the gates on my sixth pass something popped in my left (rear foot) hip. I was able to make a few turns and take a short trick set with a standup hand pass so I don't think anything is destroyed. But it is not a normal fatigue issue.

A few years back my hip hurt (in a different spot) from running the rear boot twisted the wrong way. I'm wondering if the wide placement of the boots could be aggravating hip pain? Anyone else have experience with binding placement induced pain?

Thanks, Eric


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    Eric, I had same issue with pivoting the rear binding and wider stance. Changed back to centered rear binding and closed up binding distance and hip pain went away.
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    Yes, but a little different here: did a rear hip blowout thingies a couple of times, off side. Pivoting the back foot didn't help ( I feel it contributed to the injuries). It seem s you are pretty technical, so here goes: I shortened my fin and moved my bindings back. Trying to lead with my trailing hip, this created too much load and twist on my back leg/ hip/ foot, so by shortening the fin and moving both bindings back (feet very close together/unchanged), I was able/forced to get up over the ski more and get more weight on my front foot. Also, the ski doesn't do that Flat hook finish on the off side that kills speed and tightens the line too early. It was a long commitment to change my skiing, but I came out skiing better and not getting hurt.
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    With your feet separated too far your rear for leg is more vulnerable to strain. Our sport is uneven to begin with, feet inline far apart makes it more uneven.
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    Thanks for the inputs. Rear binding placement has never been supercritical to me and my last ski broke at the unused holes from the rear boot remount. So I was lazy and didn't make up an adapter plate to move the rear boot without swiss cheesing my ski. I was interested in the performance ramifications of a really wide stance (I'm not sure but it seems to make the sweet spot on the ski smaller?!) but it seems to be more a biological issue. At least it's not just me getting too old to ski. However, it does seem that I am too old to make buoys any more...

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    @eleeski - my wife complained about her hip also when she used my ski a couple times. Her feet turn in while mine turn out. I had her cant the rear binding and her hip pain went away. So the orientation of that binding does make a big difference as far as comfort goes.
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    Is it still sore?
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    My wife has had 2 labral surgeries on her right (rear) hip. (Old jump injury) Binding placement can definitely irritate her and over the years we basically set her's up for comfort more than performance.
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    @xrated Nothing was torn so I'm improving as fast as my ancient body can recover. Thanks to Ben Harwood at Rehab United (it's nice to have a skier take care of you!) for a program that seems to be working. The bindings are reset (the rear was a bit canted the wrong way as well - also hard on the hip. I should have been more careful on the initial mount). The new placement is close and canted normally for maximum comfort. Hopefully the ski will perform better as a side benefit but I'm going for comfort regardless. I am planning to try it out carefully this weekend.
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    @eleeski good to hear. Last time my hip went pop it tore and I had no summer.
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    I'll survive! Went skiing today. Tricks were OK. Didn't do great but the pieces were all there. TBB sequences hurt but I realized that they were a lot like some of Ben's exercises and after a few reps they went well. Ben's shoulder program might be paying off - hit my second W5F of the season (WL5F doesn't work the shoulder so it's easy - go figure). I'm pretty stoked that I am fine for tricks.

    Slalom was a bit dicier. I was scared. Not a good attitude to take into the course, Result - a couple unusual falls. But the falls convinced me that my hip might be OK. So after straightening out my mind, I ran a reasonable 22 off with no pain. Felt a bit of hip at 28 so I quit early and hungry. Walking around with a full bucket of dye afterward convinced me my hip was OK. (Skin, well can you say Smurf?) I need a bit more time for slalom but I am certain to be fine soon!

    The adapter plates for the rear boot were easy to make. I should have done that earlier. And the original rear mount was seriously screwed up - I'm pretty sure I had my template upside down. (I was sober @Horton ). New closer boot placement feels OK - both for performance and pain.

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    What started as a sharp but manageable hot spot morphed into a general ache and stiffness. While Ben my waterskiing PT was happy with my improvement in motion the stiffness was making toe tricks impossible. Plus slalom still really hurt (and I could barely make a pass). Off to the orthopod. She wanted MRIs and surgery until I told her I had crappy insurance. Out with the cortisone needle. Come back if this doesn't work. You don't get paid to ski? Then don't ski at least for a month. I'll push it a couple days and trick in the Liquid Zone record - without any practice - if I improve.
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    aging sucks but its better than the alternative.
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    Good luck. When I did mine I got the impression from the ortho that MRI basically just confirmed a tear. They gave a small amount of steroid that last for 2-3 days. When he heard me say the injection took pain away he said the tear was the problem. Something like 8 out of 10 people walking around he said if they did an MRI would find a tear, it is the pain from a tear that is the issue.

    Hope the shots work for ya, just remember it doesn't fix the problem.

    By chance did they say anything about cams or pincers when they looked at the xrays or femoral acetatbular impingment?
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    @Xrated No xray issues. She suspected a tear but I'm not ready for surgery so the cortisone was her best shot to get me back on the water this summer. Everything is strong enough so if I can move I should be OK. I may have to change my green buoy pullout...
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