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D3 Quest Mid Review report

HortonHorton Posts: 29,527 Administrator
edited April 2013 in Reviews
If it seems that I have not said much about the Quest for a few weeks that is because I have not skied much in the last three weeks. Today I changed the settings and then skied 3 sets on the Quest.

This ski is very sensitive to fin and binding setting but seems to very tolerant to imperfect skiing technique. The two major tweaks I have made on the ski are a little unintuitive and I owe a few Ballers for helping me work it out. Below is a rough history of my “Quest” for settings.

As a starting place, I used a mix of Fusion numbers I got from Bob Edie, Ward McLain and Joe Darwin. I messed around a little and got to 2.500 /6.937 / .760 8 degrees / 29 7/8. As I was looking for the perfect fin settings I found that moving the fin forward smoothed out the finish of off side turn. With all other settings the same, a DFT of .745 would result in a momentary hitch or sticky spot 2/3 of the way through the radius. I saw the same issue with 2 other skiers on the Quest. A DFT closer to .760 fixed it for everyone.

At that point I was pretty happy with the ski and just trying to understand it a little better. What I found was the ski is easy to ride but for some reason I felt frantic. What I eventually realized was that I was absurdly early but narrow at every ball. A simple binding adjustment roughly 1/8th of an inch back was like flipping a switch. With the above settings but front binding at 29 ¾ (ish) I am still crazy early and getting my hips around the ball at 35.

It is still too early in the year for me to work at 38 much but I promise I am going to run into 39 before I move to the next ski.

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