L4-L5 degeneration, toe loop and exercises

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Had pain in my back that wouldn't go away. Saw doc, MRI and it show some degeneration in L4/5. Doc is a wake boarder and understands the passion. Said it wasn't that bad, suggested rehab to keep strong.

Two questions, anyone else out there have similar problem? If so what exercises and how has it progressed.

Also thinking about going back to a toe loop after all these years so I can one leg start and relieve stress on my back. Was going to get a standard loop but saw what Radar has to offer. Anyone out there with any experience on switching back and what they use?


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    I and other skiers on this forum have herniated disks. The degeneration is progressive. If only I knew then what I know now. To make what could be a long post short, I highly recommend http://robertsontrainingsystems.com/core-fitness/. He has a Masters in biomechanics and is excellent. I have no affiliation with him whatsoever.
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    I use the radar toe loop. Tried a conventional Wiley's toe loop and hated it. The footbed on the Radar puts my back in a position where my back knee is closer to my front knee, which I like.
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    ShaneH are you on a Reflex front?
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    yes i am.
    Shane "Crash" Hill

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    I used to play rugby to a high level and I have also skied since i was 14. I have the same problem my L4/L5 is very bad, the nerves around it were so damaged that they effected my hamstrings and i was in agony when I played rugby, I don't play anymore however still ski very strong. I try to do dead lifts however keep the weight down and do many reps, it will strengthen the muscles around the spine and offer some protection. I have also found that my hamstrings have a massive impact on what my back feels like. If your hamstring is tight then it can effect your back before it pulls the muscle down, I find stretching my hamstrings off every day helps to 1. stay flexible and 2. stops me having minor pain in my back.

    Best advice I can give is put stretches, exercises that the physio recommends and also back workouts but go for endurance rather than weight.
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