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90" D3 nightmares for sale

RazorRoss3RazorRoss3 Posts: 1,378 Mega Baller
The University of Iowa is asking $1000 for a pair of lightly used 90" D3 nightmares. I should have some pictures of them up in the next couple of days but if you have any questions before then you can comment or email me at [email protected]


  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,249 Mega Baller
    @razorross3 "Lightly used" collegate jumpers... lets be real now..
  • RazorRoss3RazorRoss3 Posts: 1,378 Mega Baller
    It's true, the only people on the team who are good enough to control/gain anything from jumpers that long have their own, I don't think they've hit the collegiate ramp more than 10 times. That said, I understand the skepticism which is why I'm trying to get pictures up as soon as I can.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,063 Mega Baller
    That is a steal for good condition used Nightmares. Way too big for my jumper though.
    Mark Shaffer
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,249 Mega Baller
    @RazorRoss3 thanks for the clarification! Were they purchased used when the team got them?
  • RazorRoss3RazorRoss3 Posts: 1,378 Mega Baller
    They came off of ski-it-again, since anyone buying used skis wants a history I talked to the team member who bought them. They were Freddy's back up pair for a season, then they were with the Mommers for a season, and then they spent a season with us, I should have pictures up tomorrow so you can see what they look like.
  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    @MattP -- the guy who bought them for the team didn't really understand that skis that big are not for the average college jumper in the midwest. I think there were only 2 guys on the team that could handle them (and they were only jumping around 80 feet). In addition, their team doesn't have a jump for practice, so they were pretty much used for the 5 collegiate tournaments last year and that's it. Long story short, they are in pretty good condition.
    Jim Ross
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