Possibly the last outing for the Connelly

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New Coefficient X is supposed to be here any day. This is how us open water guys do it. Feel free to critique whatever you can from a head cam video with no balls...this was only my second time skiing this year. Extra out of shape this spring (broke my collar bone 14 weeks ago) but trying to get back into it. Working a lot on keeping my hips and head up but have trouble consistently generating and holding angle out of the turn - probably too much on the rear foot going into it. This ski is best when pushed but doing it on every turn has always been my shortfall. Holding back a little too because I don't want to risk falling. I find it easier to get the ski on edge and hold it at -22 than -15, but just wish I could get more consistent and hold it through the wakes better, and get the handle down closer to my hips.

Best runs are at 2:45 and after.


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    What kind of boat is that.?
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
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    It's a 1995 Rapid Craft 18.5' Hurricane, with a 2005 Merc 150 XR6. They mostly built tunnel hulls but this was one of the v-bottom ski boats they built. Probably 20-30 of that model were made. They went out of business in '98.
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