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Ankle Injury

Rico226Rico226 Posts: 33 Baller
Have a badly sprained ankle no from running into the turn buoy. Have had several over the years but this time a tendon slid out from underneath the ankle bone. Has anyone had this happen with your sprained ankle ? Will the tendon stay in place after the ankle heals while skiing ? I have had the ankle X-Rayed, no broken bones, but have been reading up on peroneal tendon subluxation and hoping that surgery is not in the horizon to repair the sheath that holds the tendon in place under the ankle. Thank you


  • mwetskiermwetskier Posts: 1,337 Mega Baller
    perhaps a lot of athletic tape and a lace up ankle support sleeve is in your future
  • gator1gator1 Posts: 591 Crazy Baller
    @rico226, so sorry to hear of your crash. I tore my Achilles and also suffered a peroneal subluxation. My brother did his peroneal 6 years ago. Docs casted his for six weeks, no luck. Mine was casted for 3 months with the Achilles, no luck. Both of us had to have the surgery. Its not bad, and heals pretty quickly, compared to wasting two months or more hoping it may repair itself while your leg atrophies. My brother was back skiing in 6 weeks (in hard shells) after the surgery. Mine took forever, but was that was due to having to screw my Achilles back onto my heel.

    So, I'd have a chat with the doc, and unless they are really confident the sheath will heal I'd go get the surgery right away and maybe salvage part of the season. Once they dremel tool you a new groove it will stay in place.

    And, bummer. the whole thing just sucks.
  • auskierauskier Posts: 457 Baller
    If you have done a severe retinaculum tear there is every chance it will happen again. If I was you I would be getting an ultrasound/MRI done to look at the extent of the damage. I'm a podiatrist.
  • BlueSkiBlueSki Posts: 759 Crazy Baller
    I almost did not click on this link because of the ankle sprain I had many and again several years ago, and yes, I had the same problem. The first sprain had the tendon sliding out from the ankle bone. It would click out or ride on the ankle bone. Then I really tore the hell out of the ligaments about 6 years later. That resulted in the surgery that should have happened the first time. After a winter surgery and PT, I was skiing that spring, but the surgery would have sidelined me for most of the season. I was on crutches and then in a walking cast for at least 6 weeks. The combination of the surgery and PT had me better than ever. Good luck.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,340 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited May 2013
    Listen to @auskier
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • BlueSkiBlueSki Posts: 759 Crazy Baller
    Concur, with @auskier and @6balls, definitely get it checked out.
  • gator1gator1 Posts: 591 Crazy Baller
    @rico226 see the gatormod thread I just posted for when you are healed up and ready to go again.
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