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2012 Senate

mikeymikey Posts: 67 Baller
Finally got a chance to try out my new Senate this weekend. What a great ski, it felt so light compared to my 1990's HO ski. The Vector front boot was really comfortable also, made sure I didn't over tighten the binding too. Deep water starts were a breeze with the ski. We were skiing on a public lake with somewhat windy conditions so their was a bit of chop on the water.. I felt very stable on this ski right away.. I had the front boot set 29.25 from the tail and I was thinking I may bump it 30 inches and see how that feels... It really felt ok though... I ski behind a Cobalt so I have to deal with a bigger wake.... I'm still working on my form and trying to edge through the wake instead of riding it flat and going airborne across the wakes... Tried 15 off behind the Cobalt today too... Not a good idea..,wake is just to big and scary at that length . So, back to 75 feet for this summer and working on my form.. Maybe a ski boat with a better wake in the future....
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