Wakeye's New Shock-Tube Mount

Installed my Wakeye Tues. with the Standard Arm and Sony Camcorder..Took Video of passes from 28 to 38 and the quality was excellent..Much better than my tracker.

Last night I installed the New Arm that holds the Shock Tube...Video quality was what I would call PERECT..No shake or vibration whatsoever...The skier stayed centered no matter how short the line length.

This is by far the best Video Tracking System I have ever seen..You can change it from boat to boat in a matter of seconds, with the flip of one self locking clamp.

My goal now is to find a quick connect for the camera, so you don't have to screw it on and off..My Tracker has this, but it is to big and bulky to fit the Wakeye...If anyone knows of one, please post it....THX
Special Thanks to Performance Ski and Surf and the Denali Adam's !!!


  • JibboJibbo Posts: 145 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Great feedback Ed_Johnson. Kyle Eade at SkiFluid helped in the design of the Wakeye Shock Tube Mount. He has used the Wakeye and Shock Tube mount at 3 of Skifluids tournaments this year and says it works great. Boat judges love it as they can easily interchange ropes between skiers.
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