Nano One 66" vs 65.25"

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Dave Goode loaned me a 66” Nano One while I was in Atlanta. My first set on the ski was my first round of the ProAM. I ran 3 @ 38. That is an ok score for me. Not anything special. The next three rounds went south but that was not the skis fault.

Tonight I got to ride the 66" at home with perfect conditions. Off the dock I ran 4 @ 38. Then 5 @ 38 then 1 @ 39.

For my second ride I got out my last years’ 65.25 review skis. I ran 2 @ 39 off the dock.

For me the smaller ski is better but both are amazing. The bigger ski carries more speed through the turn and is more stable from the wakes to the ball. The smaller skis need to be ridden with a little more technical finesse. The smaller skis feels like it rides a lot deeper even outside the course but width in the course is not an issue.

At 190 -195 I still think the smaller ski is better for me. It could be settings. I will give Dave back the 66 this weekend and put the 65.25 back in the rack when the next review skis shows up :-(

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