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Anyone using a Jobe Rogue?

robertoroberto Posts: 85 Baller
I would appreciate your comments please. John's tested one just wondered if anyone is living with one?


  • DanEDanE Posts: 883 Crazy Baller
    @roberto I got a 67" for my 13 year old son to grow in to (he´s growing like weeds, 6´3 but only 155 Ibs) don´t think he´s got the weight for it yet.
    Tried it myself for a couple of sets (was half injured at the time), was extremely stable ride, got some of the best first 3 buoys ever @35 off.
    It´s a great ski, my son is skiing great right now on his 66" Sixam 2 point so no need to change yet.
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