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Ski Review - O'Brien Conquer first few rides

HortonHorton Posts: 30,608 Administrator
edited June 2013 in Reviews
The first thing I have to say is the ski is beautiful. Most skis are not shinny but the Conquer is very shinny. This is a very good looking ski.

There was some confusion about fin and binding settings for the first few rides so I did not exactly light it up right out of the box. Today I narrowed in on the right settings and the ski is coming to life.

The ski makes a crazy amount of space and width is as good as I have ever experienced. All of the settings adjustments are about smooth exit from the turn. After 3 adjustments today passes at 35 off feel like the boat was going slow.

It is going to take a number of rides to really start to understand the ski but every ride I feel better about it. It is nice to ski on a ski that has some personality. There is no question that the Conquer is unique is a field of cookie cutter skis.

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