Wakeye mount with a GoPro- Anyone use this combo

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We usually dont have a 3rd to film, and Im in a slump, so I was wondering what people were using with the Wakeye camera mount. I have a Gopro 3 and I would like to use it but with out zoom I dont know if its worth it. 15'-32' off line lengths. I also have a Flip camera that I could use but can I use it with the Wakeye or would I need to get the ski-doc.
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    @rq0013 Your GoPro 3 in HD "narrow" is zoomed in far enough that 22 off and shorter is more than useful. 15 off is just okay. Wakeye makes an accessory for adapting your GoPro version to a regular camera mount:
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    @rq0013 , A friend of ours at the club uses a Wakeye and it doesn't seem to produce as smooth of video as our setup.

    I use a GoPro 3 in HD narrow. We are 15 off skiers. I don't have a problem with how the skier looks in the frame. You can still see every detail of your skiing because the resolution is so high on the GoPro.

    Here is the device I modified. I started with the EZ Cam. Then I stripped it of all the added components and stuck a GoPro mount on top. It works flawlessly. Also, it only costed me about $60 (a little better than the Wakeye). Obviously it can't be used for other cameras at this point, but I don't plan on filming with anything other than our Hero3.
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    Here is a video with the exact same setup. (modified E-Z Cam, GoPro Hero 3, 720p HD Narrow)

    Watch in 720 or 1080 full screen. I think the video is pretty solid. And if you are skiing shorter line, it will only get that much better.

    Also keep in mind this is compressed YouTube video quality. It's 10 times better when you are pulling from the actual file.

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    I like the new EZ cam concept of having both mounts. How high does the mount sit on the pylon? It looks like its pretty tall from pictures on their website.
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