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MattP's 2013 Connelly Prophecy Review

MattPMattP Posts: 6,263 Mega Baller
edited June 2013 in Reviews
The 2013 Prophecy is different than the Prophecy's of the past. This year the Prophecy is being produced with a PVC foam core where it had a polyurethane core previously. This has made the ski lighter and combined with the carbon layup has made the ski more responsive.  

When starting this review I had 25 practice sets and 2 tournament sets under my belt for the season on my previous ski. With an all time PB in practice with [email protected] and a tournament PB of [email protected] I matched my tournament PB on the 1st set while on the Prophacy and got within 2 buoys of my all time PB on the 2nd set. My personal best in a tournament is on this ski with scores of [email protected] I skied over 35 practice sets and 7 rounds in tournaments so far on the Prophecy. 

The settings I ended up using were older Connelly F1 settings Stock for 65" 6.770 2.500 .830 8° 28.125. My setup: 6.773 2. 2.497 .830 8° 28.125 I also tried @JoelHowley's settings 6.823 2.529 .743 (.750+75°F) 8° 28.125. Joel's settings got me excited about the ski off the bat. His settings worked well for me for the first few sets, but when the time came to settle in and ski they were not consistent enough for me. I would like to give them another try though. The older F1 settings really tamed the ski down. I did not ski the Prophecy at the stock or factory settings that came with the ski. 
General Feel
The Prophecy is a stable ski. In the pull out and glide this ski does not seem to have the dragging or hunting for an edge feeling like some other skis do. I don't feel as though I need to pull long to get across the course either. To me it does not seem like this ski takes a lot of work to ride. The ski does most of the work for you given you have a solid technique base. 
Off Side/On Side Turn
The turns on the Prophecy are even from side to side. The Prophecy like most skis turns best with a balanced stance, but you can still turn with your weight farther back and not be punished coming into the next turn. I never had the feeling of the Prophecy wanting to over turn or that the ski did not want to finish either turn. The ski maintained a constant speed in and out of the turns.
From the Ball to Wake
Out of the finish of the turn the Prophecy goes where it is pointed and holds its angle cross course. This allows the Prophecy to create some serious space before the next buoy. I feel like I am getting across course fast but in control of the ski. This feeling of early comes from the speed maintained in the turn and the acceleration out of the turn. If you are perfectly balanced this ski will really hold its edge and angle you created off the ball and will hold its direction. If you are not perfectly balanced out of the turn you may experience some tip rise on this ski but it is easy to get the ski back on edge and continue through the course.
Second Wake to Ball
I did find that I needed to focus more on handle control and hanging on to the handle longer coming into the turn to keep the ski moving out with the line after the second wake. I also had to focus on controlling my reach more with this ski as well. If I reached early and fast that the ski would start to shut down and I would not have enough speed to finish the turn. I felt that if I was coming into the turn late, fast or a combination of both that I was able to comfortably control the ski and complete the pass or make it farther down course than I would have on other skis. The Prophecy carries its angle and direction until you want to change edges to start your turn. The edge change does not happen automatically but it is easy to initiate, but when you change edges the ski moves seamlessly from cutting to carving edge.
The Prophecy has a very long sweet spot. If you come into the turn a little unbalanced with your weight on your back foot don't worry this ski has the ability to still stay with you and get you cross course and keep you in the pass. This will allow you to correct yourself at the next buoy and use the skis acceleration to make up after an inefficient turn. This ski holds it angle and maintains an consistent speed throughout the course. With good handle control and patience this ski will get you into your hardest passes more consistently with ease.
The Prophecy is good choice for someone who is not as technically sound because it will teach one very quickly how to ride the ski more efficiently without punishing the skier to harshly, but it is also a great ski for the technical skier who is looking for a stable ski that is consistent and predictable from turn to turn.


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