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8 year old learning the course

FatrollFatroll Posts: 236 Solid Baller
A new kid moved to the neighborhood who wants to learn the course. Any practice tips I can pass on to him to work on in open water or in the course when he is skiing the course with his dad (who does not ski the course) and I am not there to coach him. This kid seems to be a natural and shows no fear. I am actually trying to hold him back a little so he does not take a bad fall which could scare him out of the sport.
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  • ktm300ktm300 Posts: 426 Solid Baller
    Tell him that at the slow speeds he will bounce through the wakes. If he stays on edge with the ski tip pointed outbound he'll be okay on the landing. Have him watch this:

  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,056 Mega Baller
    When the kids are young the key is body position and commitment to pull behind the wakes. I started my kids running the mini course until they were doing it at 28 off then went to the big boy course at long line at about 18 mph. In the beginning don't worry about the entrance gates have them get outside of 1 ball then pull for 2 ball. If they get around 2 go for 3. If they don't get around 2 have them stay out and go around 4 ball and pull for 5. The key is they are going to have to learn to commit and work hard behind the boat.

    I wouldn't worry about holding him back if he shows no fear now he can handle a couple of tough falls. The first time my kid had the wind knocked out he was a little skittish but he got right back up on the water. I find it important after a hard fall as long as the kid isn't really hurt (like needs to go to the hospital) to have them get up and ski again before they get in the boat. This keeps any fear from setting in.
    Mark Shaffer
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,975 Infinite Pandas
    Now that video is waterski stoke!
    I should never complain about my boat's wake bothering my slalom pull. Maybe I can use the air time to advantage?
  • thagerthager Posts: 5,040 Mega Baller
    @eleeski Log it as flight time for your next level pilot license.
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • skihardskihard Posts: 567 Crazy Baller
    That is amazing! Love it! It's so cool to see that much dedication to doing something and being that talented at such a young age!
    Life's about working hard and then having fun on the water!
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  • JibboJibbo Posts: 144 Water Ski Industry Professional
    A great way to learn the course is to learn to run it from the back to front. Start with missing the gates go around 1 buoy and then turn inside 2-5 buoys then go around 6 buoy. If they make that then go around 1 and 5 and 6. Then if they make that then go around 1 and 4 and 5 and 6 while turning inside the rest. This teaches them rhythm through the course and having to turn early to ensure they can make it around the last buoys. And they will learn to run all 6 faster than just getting 1 or 2 and then stopping.
  • sunperchsunperch Posts: 267 Crazy Baller
    We drew a course on our driveway with sidewalk chalk to supplement what we were teaching in the water. They used their scooters and bikes to "run the course". This allowed us to teach the fundamentals of backsiding the ball, setting angle, skiing wide instead of skiing @ the also helped them with not get lost in the course when skiing at new sites for tournaments.
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