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Ok, so I read that Ward, Skidawg, got hurt from hitting a buoy. Its time we address this, there should be a way to make a buoy that is safe so that this type of injury is eliminated. @marcusbrown had some suggestion in a thread a few weeks ago about a flag or something. Bubble buoy, these seem high maintenance anyone using them. I think it was MB that suggested a foam tube rapped or dipped in rubber. I'm thinking sleeve that slides over a foam tube that a foot or so long. Low flotation that want lift you.

Suggestions? Has there been any real work on this.

I'm in this sport for health, fitness, and fun. If I'm hurt none of this is happening. I realize that I can get hurt, but if I'm not working the bills aren't getting paid, I need to be doing what I can to minimize the chances. I get some sick / disability but its not enough to cover my bills. At my work I do all types things to eliminate chances of injury. Other sports are evolving, football has changed the way tackles are made.


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    Party balloons...done deal. If one breaks, the skier ran over it and the buoy doesn't count. Solves the gate issue too. Kinda high maintenance though. haha
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    @gregy, bubble buoys are not high maintenance.
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    I'm a believer in the Wally Skier buoys too. And I'm sure they're low (no) maintenance.
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    For those of us who are still at the stage of wishing we had this type of accident, how exactly do you get wiped out by a buoy? Coming around the inside or even on the top, wouldn't you go through the buoy? And if you clipped it on the outside under the ball, wouldn't your ski simply release? I know I am wrong, but I am simply trying to understand more and more and more...
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    @Brady lets put it this wouldn't want to hit a log floating just at the surface. It's similar to a typical buoy in that it will stand its ground pretty well while the ski either tries to stop or literally gets lifted out of the water.

    If JT was running over a typical buoy in the pic above the next frame would show the ski in the same general place and his body would be approaching a superman pose. The problem is getting out if the bindings (or the bindings off the ski). Hitting it near the tip of the ski makes the tip rise up pretty quick. Ankles aren't made to flex that way.
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    @ob do you run bubble buoys at your site? If so how well do they hold up when left out?

    But what if we thought outside the box here? MB was suggesting something like a flag, similar to snow skiing.
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    Safer buoy only fixes part of the problem. Skipping the tail or stuffing the tip or hitting the buoy all result in same problem. @klindy is right. Tip coming up in your face means ankles getting over flexed. Gator mod saved me again today. So far 42 sets on it. No pre-releases. 5 releases. One buoy strike. 1 tail skip (today)1 tip stuff. 2 lean locks. It's been to 4 @38 on my feet and my buddy's. don't know it's there till you need it.
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    @brady I'm here to prove running over a buoy can put the hurt on even at beginner speeds. One of the scariest falls I've had was when I first started on the course and came in narrow on 3 ball at 28 mph.
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    Our course is subject to some white caps on strong west or east winds. I was told that this would cause havoc with Bubble Buoys. True or False?
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    @kindly, I agree with you on the Wally Skier bouy. We now have a complete set on both of our courses. I have run over them occasionally and hardly feel them under my ski. They are almost maintenance free, the algae rubs off with your hand, or if you let them dry in the sun, flakes off. We have had one set in the water for a year and no fading. Well worth the $$.
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    @OB, you are not entirely correct about your statement on the bubble buoy being the only buoy you can ski through. I have not skied on a bubble buoy course; but, I can say without a doubt, with hard objective evidence, that you can run over a Wally Skier buoys and keep going. See post from last year.
    Bob Grizzi
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    I will add that even though the bubble buoy and the Wally Skier buoys seem to be a very good answers from a safety perspective......they are NOT 100% foolproof....nothing ever will be. They are just measures to reduce the risk. Any interuption to your intended course or the ski's engagement with the water is potential for disaster.
    Bob Grizzi
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    Right now the only choice should be, do I use Walley or Bubble Buoys ?

    I have had Bubble Buoys since they came out years a go..Numerous skiers have hit them, run through them, and not even a fall..All we do is occasionally "Burp" them so they stay soft...I repaint them every 6 months so they are bright orange and shiny.

    It's a lot more maintenance going to the ER, rehab, etc.
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    I put Wally bouys in sat, F'd up both ankles Sunday, ran over 1 ball; bubble bouys would have saved my season and a $6000 deductible for surgery!
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    So @skidawg if I read your post correctly it was a wally buoy you ran over?
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    I have said it before and i will say it again! What MrJones said!!
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    I think that it should be the whole point of this thread. No release after hitting nothing and going OTF will mess you up.
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    Bubble buoy's work, we have had them in our lake for 3 years now and no one has been hurt hitting them and they are not much more work in maintaining them.
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    I use 1 strip of clear 250 on each side and 1 strip of 400 on plate, I have never had issues with hitting bouys, releasing, etc. I have always been pretty indestructible concerning slalom crashes, but I strongly recommend everyone putting on 6 Goode bouys for the turn balls $180 is very cheap compared to my situation!!! No other bouy is safe

    No-I did not release

    This could b u
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    Damn, Dawg. You got monkey toes. You could probably grip a banana with those things. ;)
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    Chipman. You are wrong.

    In a straight OTF fall the pull comes from the front ankle. This is in the middle of the plate (where the most dual loc is) and does not effectively peal it off the back which is how it releases. This is not debateable. This is how it is.

    Todd Kuydendall, John Tate, Jonathon Fox, Jay Leach, Mike Baldwin, Brian Mathis, Ward Mclain, and myself. Broken ankles or torn achilles in the past 4 years. Those are just the people I personally know (and I am probably forgetting some) that have been hurt using this release set up on double boots.

    There is no perfectly safe set up, but this is the worst. Again. Get off of them.
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    We've recently installed bubble buoys on our course. Logic suggests they must be safer than regular buoys, but they are certainly not a panacea. So far I've only smashed into one once, and it didn't give at all -- most likely because my ski got outside it and then my binding drove into the side of the ball. It seems to me it's possible that this type of crash is even worse into a bubble buoy because in total the bubble buoy has a lot more mass.

    I stopped dead and ejected out of my T-Factors. No serious harm done, but definitely a sore ankle.

    Point being: As good as Bubble Buoys are, I think we'd be wrong to quash discussions of trying to find something even safer.
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    This is making me nuts. Anybody out there skiing on a fogman, dual loc, HO exo, Stealth, or any other "releasing" double boot binding who wants to try a gatormod, contact me.
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    How do you properly set up dual lock for each skier and each situation? I am not sure I want to go through that trial and error.
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    @gregy, I have them as well in my lake. Maintenance is needed usually only when skiers run over them laterally from the inside when trying to get an extra 1/4.

    Rodrigo Andai
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    Here is the result of me hitting 2 ball at short line a few years back. I really wish Bubble Buoys were around then. They came out the following year.
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    Standard air filled= suck
    Water filled= suck less
    Walley= better
    BB= far

    Let's hear some other options. Lots of engineers on here as well as crafty do it yourself guys (like gator1).... Oh and then there's @eleeski
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    @MrJones you left Dave Goode off that list!

    I broke my ankle on my first set of the season using my Stradas. It was totally my fault. My back boot was too tight, but I was too anxious to ski and figured I'd be taking it easy and it wouldn't matter. Nothing is more demoralizing than when your own brain betrays you.

    I'm hoping to get the green light to ski this week (8 weeks later) and I'm going to be ordering some Bubble Buoys for our lake and to take with me to tournaments. At 46 I'm too old to give up two months of my ski season ever again.

    Good luck with the recovery Ward! I'm sure it will be made easier knowing your injury wasn't the result of your stupidity.

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