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PP ZBOX Flashing

BruceEmeryBruceEmery Posts: 44 Baller
When boat is first started PP will not fully come on. After a trip or two down the course at high speed it will stop beeping/flashing then fully engage. This is after putting battery on charge overnight, making sure terminals are clean and tight, disconnecting stereo, and second new battery in two years. Other than lack of battery power, what else should I check?


  • ToddFToddF Posts: 589 Solid Baller
    call PP they have great customer service.
    Mine gave weird pulls, until I inverted it. Doesn't sound like your issue but might be worth trying.
  • jackskijackski Posts: 265 Baller
    A battery a year sounds like something wrong. 1 every 5-8 years is my average. All speed controls are sensitive to electronic interference and related problems. You should find your battery problem asap.
  • BruceEmeryBruceEmery Posts: 44 Baller
    Problem fixed. Wires that go to back of tach. were loose. Probably from the dirt road we trailer the boat down to get to the pond. By the way, it's a private pond in the middle of the woods. It's approx. 2000 ft. long, about 150 ft. wide with marshy edges. Hence, no wind or backwash, no boats either. It's like I died and went to slalom heaven.
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