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gt-40 problem

kylecareykylecarey Posts: 22 Baller
I have been having a bit of a problem with my 95' Hydrodyne with GT-40. It starts and runs great but every once in a while after it is all warmed up and has been at rest for a small period of time. It will not start. It will pop and sputter like it wants to but wont. Smells like it is flooded. Then, after I let it sit about 10 minutes it fires right up again.
Any ideas? thanks


  • ToddFToddF Posts: 589 Solid Baller
    TFI module bolts on to the distributor. They are pretty notorious for causing that problem.
    Easy fix just got to find a thin enough socket to fit in the hole. They are like 7/32 or something like that.
  • kylecareykylecarey Posts: 22 Baller
    Thanks for the information. I knew it had to be something simple.
    Thanks again.
  • kylecareykylecarey Posts: 22 Baller
    A little update. Replaced tfi module and was out on the lake tonight and the same thing happens. After it was good and warm I anchored up to swim with my daughter. After about a half hour or a little more I go to start the boat and I get no start. It fires the cylinders once or twice and that's it. Give it about 30 minutes and it was like nothing ever happens. Any ideas? Could the battery voltage be a touch low so the computer wont fire the injectors? Thanks for the input.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,287 Mega Baller
    When it isn't starting, turn the key to on position and listen if the fuel pumps prime. That is the first step. No prime, could be a couple things. Fuel pump relay on back of motor is notorious for intermittently working before it craps out. $12 part at various places. Ultimately, could be ECI. Those seem to be failing a fair amount and work funky as they go. Need to determine if pumps are working or spark issue first.
  • DanEDanE Posts: 926 Crazy Baller
    @kylecarey Sounds like a broken diaphragm in fuel pressure regulator, disconnect the vacuum hose on the regulator and check that there is no fuel sieping out the vacuum inlet.
  • DWDW Posts: 2,243 Mega Baller
    It might be a vapor lock problem, since it happens when the engine underhood is warm/hot and the problem is not evident at a later time. Solution for that is usually insulating the fuel lines or rails.
  • kylecareykylecarey Posts: 22 Baller
    The fuel pumps seem to be priming. I thought of vapor lock also. It has never happened to me before last summer. It has always run perfect. Its frustrating when its so intermittent.
    Thanks for all the suggestions so far.
  • RogerRoger Posts: 1,588 Mega Baller
    This happens a lot on GT-40s. On mine the cause was carbon buildup in the throttle body. You can put a cloth on a screwdriver and clean around the butterfly (just be very careful to not scratch the body surface). On mine, you could see the buildup just looking at where the butterfly closes.
    Roger B. Clark - Okeeheelee skier. Senior driver, Senior Judge
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,287 Mega Baller
    Do you have a fuel pump pressure gauge?
  • kylecareykylecarey Posts: 22 Baller
    I could get a a hold of one
  • kylecareykylecarey Posts: 22 Baller
    I have tried giving some throttle with no change. You can def smell the fuel after a few tries.
  • tsixamtsixam Posts: 371 Baller
    From time to time we have the same problem. If we give it full throttle it starts after a few seconds.
  • JoepruncJoeprunc Posts: 296 Baller
    X2 on what @DanE said. Fuel Pressure Regulator. Exact same symptoms on my old 5.3L Silverado.
  • TyZacTyZac Posts: 10 Baller
    Low pressure fuel pump
  • McGruderMcGruder Posts: 31 Baller
    Adding to what @rico said about the ECM relay: When my starter relay went out, it worked fine on a cold start, but would fail with the engine hot. Letting the engine cool down, the relay would work fine again. Eventually it failed completely. For the cost of a new relay, it may be worth putting a new one in and eliminating that possibility.
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